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Rocking all over the world

May 2007

How is migration away from Poland impacting on its music scene and the nation’s economy?

Rocking all over the world

Concert promoters and club-owners in Poland have a fight to stay open on their hands. With hundreds of thousands of young Poles heading to western Europe, there is suddenly a shortage of audiences – as well as bands and DJs!

Since 2004, Polish migrants have been able to migrate freely to countries like the UK and Ireland. While this brings economic benefits for the migrants themselves, is it beginning to impact negatively on Poland’s economy and society?


This article is especially relevant for students studying migration at this level, as well as for some GCSE candidates.

In the Members' Area:

  • Why are young Poles migrating?
  • Why is the UK a popular destination for “musical migrants”?
  • What has the impact on Poland been?

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