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Upwardly mobile

August 2006

How is the global spread of new technology impacting on different societies and environments?

Upwardly mobile

“Hello? Hello! I’m on the trail! No, not the train, the trial...between Intipunku and Machu Picchu...good reception up here! Can you get that report on Guy’s desk by close of business tomorrow? You star...look, godda go; I’m supposed to be looking at some ruins…Ciao babes.”

A major tour operator has recently banned people from taking their mobile phones with them into some of the world’s most beautiful wilderness areas, following complaints from some tourists.

At the same time, reports suggest that mobile phone use in African LEDCs is growing rapidly, as they “leap-frog” a stage of economic development.

With similar processes of change also occurring in one of Britain’s most wind-swept islands, we ask: what is the new geography of the mobile ‘phone?


This resource will have particular appeal for GCSE and A-level candidates who are studying tourism and economic development.

These three stories examine different aspects of the global spread of new technology, while also highlighting the impact this may have on different societies and environments (including wilderness areas).

This story can also be adapted to support teaching of tourism for geography KS3.

In the Members' Area:

  • Shattered peace: what is the impact of tourism on wilderness areas?
  • Developing Africa: How can mobiles help overcome physical and human development challenges for Africa?
  • Islands of Scotland: is the wireless age now here?
  • Key Stage 3 support
  • AS and A-level practice questions

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