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Key Stage Three
Key Stage Five

Climate change resources

These pages are about our changing climate and how it affects our lives, from the buildings we live and work in, to the way we travel, the holidays we take and the food we buy in the shops.

Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time. Its impact is being felt today in parts of the world. It regularly makes the news. The main debate amongst scientists today is focussed on the amount and rate of climate change we can expect to experience in the future.

Key Stage Three

Key Stage Five Glossary 

Climate change resources aimed at Key Stage Three (ages 11 - 14)

Climate change resources aimed at Key Stage Five (ages 16 - 18)

A glossary of climate change related vocabulary

The materials on these pages were written for the 'Your Climate, Your Life' website which was developed by the Royal Geographical Society with IBG with support from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) Climate Challenge Fund.

Your Climate, Your Life website was winner of the non-book category at the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers awards 2007.



Material research and development: Rinku Mitra

Material research and content for A Level: Dr Simon Oakes (Senior A-level examiner)

Resource content writers: Jill Hatcher, Bow Boys School; Christopher Spicer, Michelle Feeley, Moulsham High School and Humanities College, Jo Price, Noel Jenkins, Court Fields Community School, Katherine Logan, Oaks Park High School

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