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Royal Geographical Society (with IBG): the heart of geography
Using the Societys collections to develop cross curricular links
Mount Everest and its ascent
Antarctica - Extreme wilderness
Kenya - A changing nation
China - Snapshots in Time
India - Pictures of the Past
Lesson plans and ideas
Exploring Shackleton's Antarctica
Mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes

Key Stage 1-2 resources

These resources have been developed as part of the Rediscovering London's Geography project, funded by the GLA through the London Schools Excellence Fund. They are based on the 2014 National Curriculum and have been written by teachers, for teachers.

Mountains volcanoes and earthquakes

Mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes
Exploring how and where mountains and natural hazards form.

Exploring Shackleton's Antarctica

Exploring Shackleton's Antarctica
A look at the 1915 Endurance expedition and daily life in Antarctica.


Unlocking the Archives

Educational resources are aimed at Key Stage 2 (KS2) geography, history and citizenship based on the Society's unique archive collections. More of these resources are available for Key Stage Three. Many of the resources are linked to exhibitions which can be hired out to schools.

Using the Society's collection to develop cross curricular links Using the Society's collections to develop cross curricular links
Mount Everest and its ascent Mount Everest and its ascent
Find out about the 1953 expedition and what impact tourism has had on the area.
Antarctica - Extreme wilderness Antarctica - Extreme wilderness
Learn about the race to the Pole.
Kenya - A changing nation Kenya - A changing nation
Explore Kenya's rich and complex history of exploration, trade and colonisation
China - Snapshots in time China - Snapshots in Time
Find out more about China's fascinating history.
India - Pictures of the past India - Pictures of the past
Learn more about India and its past.

Discovering Galapagos

Discovering Galapagos

Discovering Galapagos is an interactive, bilingual, educational resource from the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and the Galapagos Conservation Trust that will bring the islands to life in your classroom.

Lesson plans and ideas

Lesson plans and ideas
A selection of lesson plans and resources for Key Stages One and Two, written by teachers.

Britain from the Air »

Britain from the Air

Britain from the Air provides a rich visual tool through which primary pupils can build a picture of the geography (social, cultural, economic and environmental) of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Global Eye »

Global Eye

Global Eye is a website based on Global Eye magazine for primary schools about global development issues.

Walk the World »

Walk the World

Walk the World is the opportunity for your school to discover its local connections with the 206 Olympic and Paralympic nations that competed at the London 2012 Games.

Promethean Planet

Promethean Planet

The Society has developed some KS2 geography resources which are available through Promethean Planet. Created by teachers, for teachers, Promethean Planet is a unique teaching, sharing and support community, with over one million members in more than 150 countries.

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