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Adventure landscapes - Assessment

Adventure landscapes

Adventure landscapes

Key Stage 3 teaching resources

This module should appeal to students' sense of wonder and adventure, virtually dropping them into dramatic places above and below ground and allowing them to explore the physical processes that formed them and continue to shape them. The module includes some ICT based work, lots of creativity as well as map skills.

The module begins in Cheddar Gorge with students looking at and describing the physical characteristics that make it the place it is and go on to explain the physcial processes that formed it. They then look at the dynamic interrelationship between this physical and the human world and begin to appreciate that different people use the landscape for different, sometimes conflicting activities, and these interactions impact on the physical environment and need to be managed.

Moving underground the students are introduced to the weird and wonderful world of caves, how they are fragile environments and can be damaged by human activity. They then visit Titan the largest vertical cave in the UK and plan a caving trip and thus appreciate that the not only landscape can inspire awe and wonder but also is also a risky place that requires planning preparation and expertise sometimes to navigate safely.

Emerging from Titan the next stop is the Isle of Skye in Scotland, a contrasting mountain environment for a piece of creative work to describe its physical geography and lastly plan a walk around the bizarre lanscape of the ‘Quiraing' formed from an enormous land slip.

Focus on Key Concepts

  • Place
  • Physical processes
  • Environmental Interaction and Sustainable development

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