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Royal Geographical Society (with IBG): the heart of geography
Development teaching resources
Theories of development
ICTs A technological fix
Development pathways
Development processes and pathways
Disasters and development
Discovering megacities
Ecotourism: projecting the Heart of Borneo
El Nino and Development
Globalisation of manufacturing in post-war Britain
Introducing globalisation
Millennium Development Goals 1-4
Millennium Development Goals 5-8
Natural disasters and conflict
Sustainable Development Goals
What is globalisation

Development teaching resources

Global Learning Project

Teaching resources and materials relevant to development issues.

Interactives and animations

Theories of development Theories of development
Explore six differing theories of development
ICTs: A Technological fix? ICTs: A technological fix?
Find out if technology is the answer to reducing poverty
MDGs 1-4

Millennium Development Goals 1-4
Evaluating Goals one to four

MDGs 5-8

Millennium Development Goals 5-8
Evaluating Goals five to eight

Megacities Discovering megacities
What are megacities and where are they?
Development pathways Development pathways
Looking at how and why development happens
Disasters and development Disasters and development
How do natural hazards have an impact on development?
What is globalisation What is globalisation?
Understanding the processes of globalisation
El Nino
An overview of El Nino and its impacts on development
Sustainable Development Goals
An overview of the sustainable development goals
Ecotourism: projecting the Heart of Borneo
An overview of sustainable tourism in Borneo

Case studies

Resilience and vulnerability in climate change and farming with Oxfam
Oxfam helps people to understand and adapt to the changes they are facing, and to reduce risks from hazards.

Uganda: Have the Millennium Development Goals made a difference?
A resource written by Catherine Owen CGeog, The King Alfred School and supported by the RGS-IBG Innovative Geography Teaching Grant

World Ocean's Day 2017
On 8 June, countries around the world celebrate World Oceans Day. This year’s theme is ‘Our Oceans, Our Future’. View our collection of oceans news stories

The next superfood? 
World wide web World wide web
Globalisation, development
Cloud of controversy Cloud of controversy
Globalisation, development, energy issues, economic geography
Pupil power Pupil power
Energy issues, development
Booming giant Booming giant
Globalisation, development, world cities, economic geography
Re-living Live Aid Re-living Live Aid
Development, globalisation
Help the Aided Help the aided
Development, globalisation, rural
Rainbow nation Rainbow nation
Development, globalisation,world cities
Fair Aid Fair aid
Globalisation, development
Megacities Megacities
Megacities, urbansiation and development
Globalisation Introducing globalisation
The concept of globalisation
Disasters and conflict Natural disasters and conflict
Development challenges surrounding disasters and conflict
Development processes Development processes and pathways
The concept of development
Globalisation in manufacturing in post-war Britain

Globalisation of manufacturing in post-war Britain
A look at the rise of globalisation in the post war era

El Nino and development in Peru
Peru is regularly affected by El Niño and El Niña currents

Small island developing states and climate change vulnerability
SIDS are mainly small isolated islands whose communities are commonly understood to be among the first places that will be very seriously affected by climate change

Inequality and its Management (featuring an Oxfam case study)
Global inequality is a growing problem with the divide between the world’s economic elite and the world’s poorest people getting ever larger

The two sides of ecotourism in Borneo
Borneo is fast becoming a destination of choice for tourists

The Upside Down Forest
Soil is one of the most essential resources on earth

Other suitable case studies are available to our School Members through our School Members Area.

Resource modules

Africa: a continent of contrasts

Africa: A continent of contrasts
KS3: Exploring Africa and its future

China Today

China today
KS3: Exploring the social, economic, environmental and political interdependence between China and the rest of the world

New India

New India
KS3: The physical and human processes that are transforming India and its role in the world

Who wants to be a billionaire

Who wants to be a billionaire?
KS3: A fresh approach to uneven development

Urbanisation and migration

Urbanisation and migration
KS4: The research looks at Mali's capital city Bamako, and how its rapid growth can be linked to the sand diggers of the river Niger

Ask the Experts

Mapping population and displacement
Global development, population, mapping

Sustainable energy access in Mozambique and South Africa
Sustainable energy

Food poverty and insecurity in the UK
Food banks, poverty

Gendered divisions in work and care
Gender, work

Migrants on the Margins 
Migration, refugees, urbanisation

George Adamson

The societal responses to El Niño
Climate change, drought, mitigation

Danielle Smith

The 'Behind the Brands' campaign
Commodities, sustainability, fair trade, ethics

Alison Hulme

The commodity trail of cheap goods
Commodities, consumption, production

Andrew Brooks

The ethics of fast fashion
Global economics, trade, production, ethics

Dr Ben Page

Diaspora, Remittances and Development
Immigration, emigration and economics 

Daniel Morchain Resilience and Vulnerability in Development
Risk, resilience, climate change
Jane Dyson

The politics of educated unemployed youth
Emplyment, education, youth voice

Karen Tucker

The Quipu Project
Indigenous peoples, marginalisation

Shamel Azmeh

Production networks and trade
Production networks, labour, trade

Guy Leung

Energy in China
Energy consumption, energy policy

Gemma Sou Environmental risk in the urban south
Disasters, urban risk

Inequality, wealth, power

Chris Foster

ICT and development
New technologies, emerging economies

Sustainable agriculture Sustainable agriculture
Food supply, development, technology, GM crops, famine
MapAction MapAction
Hazards, GIS, development
Fair trade Fair Trade
Global trade, globalisation, economics, development
Development Development
Poverty, health, development
Microfinance Microfinance
Economics, financial aid, development
Overfishing Overfishing
Ecology, development
HIV and Aids HIV and AIDS
Health, development


Life below water infographic (PDF)
Sustainable cities infographic (PDF)
The SDGs infographic (PDF)
The MDGs and the post-2015 agenda infographic (PDF)
Development poster Development infographic (PDF)
Inequality infographic (PDF)

News round ups

International Women’s Day 2017 A collection of geographical news stories covering International Women’s Day 2017 – exploring how women are changing places, politics and development
Habitat III: the future of the planet’s cities A collection of geographical news stories covering Habitat III, a once-every-20-years United Nations conference to discuss the future of the planet’s cities
Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti A collection of geographical news stories reporting on the Hurricane that hit Haiti in October 2016. Winds reached up to 230 km/H and the storm has killed over 1000 people with over 1.4 million requiring emergency aid

60 second guides: Sustainable Development Goals (PDF)

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