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Natural resources
Glaciation and geological timescales
Mapping London
Russia's regions and roles
Subject Knowledge Animation: Russia
London 2012 »
Paradise lost »
Africa: A continent of contrasts »
Impossible places »
China Today »
New India »
Risky world »
Who wants to be a billionaire? »
Fantastic places »
Adventure landscapes »
Are you flood ready? »
The geography of my stuff »
Changing climates »
Who wants to live forever? »
The geography of conflict »
Glacial environments »
Mapping festivals »
Our place in history »
Changing faces, shaping places »
Geography: The language of Europe »
The geography of science »
You are what you eat »
Who do we think we are? »
Revealing the importance of geography »
Global Learning Programme »
Afghanistan - Moving stories
Brazil cityscapes - Rio de Janeiro
Encounters - Images of empire
Journeys - Caribbean stories
Passport to the Poles

Key Stage 3 resources

These resources have been developed as part of the Rediscovering London's Geography project, funded by the GLA through the London Schools Excellence Fund. They are based on the 2014 National Curriculum and have been written by teachers, for teachers.

Natural resources

Natural resources
Looking at the distribution and uses of natural resources


Exploring coasts as dynamic and changing systems

Glaciers and geological timescale Glaciation and geological timescales
Understanding glaciation and geological timescales
Mapping London

Mapping London
Looking at London mapping, past, present and future

Russia's regions and roles
Exploring the geography of Russia

Subject knowledge animations

A set of animations to show geography teachers more about the key ideas and processes within the geography curriculum

An overview of the geography of Russia

El Nino
An overview of El Nino and its impacts on development


Sustainable Development Goals
An overview of the sustainable development goals

These resources were developed as part of the DfE funded Action Plan for Geography (2006-11). Each module has been developed, written and reviewed by teachers, for teachers.

London 2012

London 2012
Using the Games to look at environmental and urban change at a range of scales.

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost
Tourism in contemporary Thailand.

Africa: a continent of contrasts

Africa: a continent of contrasts
Exploring Africa and its future.

Impossible places

Impossible places
Sustainability and human impacts on environmental interaction and place.

China Today

China Today
Exploring the social, economic, environmental and political interdependence between China and the rest of the world.

New India

New India
The physical and human processes that are transforming India and its role in the world.

Risky World

Risky world
Hazard risk and impact at a variety of scales.

Who wants to be a billionaire?

Who wants to be a billionaire?
A fresh approach to uneven development.

Fantastic Places

Fantastic places
Stimulating an interest in and a sense of wonder about places.

Adventure Landscapes

Adventure landscapes
Exploring physical geography and environmental interaction through adventure.

Are you Flood ready? Are you flood ready?
Looking at resilience, risk and management
The geography of my stuff The geography of my stuff
Exploring food miles, child labour and online purchasing
Changing climates Changing climates
Discussing the facts about climate change and the predictions for the future
Who wants to live forever Who wants to live forever?
Looking into life expectancy and our ageing population
The geography of conflict The geography of conflict
Introduces students to the topical and hard to teach issue of conflict
Glacial environments Glacial environments
Looking at changing glacial environments
Mapping festivals Mapping festivals
An insight into festivals worldwide
Our place in history Our place in history
Investigating the local area
Changing faces, shaping places Changing faces, shaping places
Exploring migration
Geography: the language of Europe Geography: the language of Europe
Connecting geography and modern foreign languages
The Geography of Science The geography of science
Exploring the interconnections between science and geography in creating and managing risk to places
You are what you eat You are what you eat
Investigating interdependence in our food supply chain
Who do we think we are? Who do we think we are?
Exploring citizenship from a geographical perspective
Revealing the importance of geography

Revealing the importance of geography
Looking at how we can work with the 'Importance of Geography' statement

Global Learning Programme

New materials, animations, continuing professional development (CPD) and funding for schools to support teaching about Global Learning at Key Stage Two and Key Stage Three in geography and other subjects.

Global Learning Project Global Learning Programme

Discovering Galapagos

This interactive, bilingual, educational resource from the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and the Galapagos Conservation Trust will bring the islands to life in your classroom.

Discovering Galapagos

Discovering Galapagos

Weather and climate resources

A selection of weather and climate resources, lesson ideas and experiments from the Met Office

Weather and climate resources


A set of posters to show more about key ideas and processes within the geography curriculum

Weather and climate
Mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes
Urban Ecology Wallchart

Britain from the Air

Britain from the Air provides a rich visual tool through which KS3 geography students can:

  • Build a picture of the geography (social, cultural, economic and environmental) of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the connections and contrasts between Britain’s human and natural landscapes.
  • Investigate the processes through which places and landscapes change over time.
  • Think geographically.

Britain from the Air geography resource Britain from the Air geography resource
Britain from the Air Britain from the Air history resource

School Members Area

Our School Members Area contains award winning resources and up-to-date curriculum material examining geographical events in the media. School Members of the Society have access to over 350 case studies through the site, as well as online lectures and news roundups.

School Members Area 
 access for School Members of the RGS-IBG
Limited access for non members.

Ask the expert

Ask the Expert
Pose your questions on topical issues to our group of leading researchers and experts.

Polar resources

Discovering the Antarctic

Discovering Antarctica
Interactive website covering topics such as climate change and future pressures in the region. Run in conjunction with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and British Antarctic Survey.

Passport to the Poles, copyright L Kimpton

Passport to the Poles
Passport to the Poles uses the Polar First record-breaking helicopter journey by Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill around the world via the two Polar Regions as a focus for stimulating and engaging educational resources.

Climate change resources

Climate for Classrooms

Teaching resources on the local impacts of climate change in China, Indonesia, China and the UK; developed in partnership with the British Council and the Royal Meteorological Society.

Your Climate your Life

Your Climate Your Life
Website based around our changing climate and how it affects our lives. Supported by the DEFRA Climate Change Fund.

Walk the World

Walk the World is the opportunity for your school to discover its local connections with the 206 Olympic and Paralympic nations that will compete at the London 2012 Games.

Walk the World »

Walk the World

Unlocking the Archives

Unlocking the Archive resources are aimed at Key Stage 3 geography, history and citizenship and are based on the Society's unique archive collections. Many of the resources are linked to exhibitions which can be hired out to schools. Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and John Lyons Charity. More of these resources are available for Key Stage Two.

Afghanistan - Moving stories

Afghanistan - Moving stories
Learn more about Afghanistan's rich and complex history.

Brazil cityscapes - Rio de Janeiro Brazil cityscapes - Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro is a city of two halves. Find out more about this fascinating place.
Encounters - Images of Empire Encounters - Images of Empire
Who were the explorers who explored the world in the nineteenth century?
Journeys - Caribbean stories Journeys - Caribbean stories
Explore what the Caribbean was like in the early 20th century.

Global Eye

A website based on Global Eye magazine for secondary schools about global development issues. Sponsored by the Cambidge University Land Society.

Global Eye Global Eye

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