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Paradise lost - Assessment

Paradise lostParadise lost - Assessment

Year 9

Type: Tourism itinerary, booklet
Individual or group work: Individual
Levels of assessments: Five, seven and eight
Number of lessons: Six
Number of homeworks: Three

Geography Key Concepts

  • Place
  • Interdependence
  • Environmental interaction
  • Changing physical and human processes
  • Diversity

Geography Key Processes

  • Planning enquiry
  • Use of sources
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Communicating

Citizenship Key Concepts Assessment Criteria

  • Values and attitudes
  • Issues
  • Diversity
  • Interdependence

Citizenship Key Processes Assessment Criteria

  • Planning enquiry
  • Using sources
  • Writing Styles
  • Descriptive
  • Explanative

The paradise lost assessment requires students to produce a booklet for Thailand's tourists. Whilst the focus is primarily on understanding environmental interaction different levels of work require different content ranging, for example, from identification of tourist destinations and development of a code of respect for Level five to an analysis of Thailand's tourist destinations and Thai people's different attitudes towards tourists for level eight.

The assessment is designed for students to complete individually. It is an ideal assessment just prior to reporting attainment targets as it covers so many of geography's key concepts and key processes of a place largely unfamiliar to students.

Resources available for this assessment are:

For level five

  • Resource Sheet A5 - Assessment Activity PDF | MSWORD
  • Resource Sheet B - Using Sources PDF | MSWORD
  • Plan for Paradise Lost Booklet PDF | MSWORD

For level seven

  • Resource Sheet A7 - Assessment Activity PDF | MSWORD

For level eight

  • Resource Sheet A8 - Assessment Activity PDF | MSWORD

The assessment is also designed to include assessment of Citizenship.

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