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Why involve students in making the curriculum?
How can we work with the Importance of Geography statement?
How can we work with the Key Concepts?

Revealing the importance of geography - Why involve students in making the curriculum?

Revealing the importnace of geography

There is a need to identify as a starting point what students think and feel about the geography as presented to them through teachers and other adults' interpretation of the new curriculum documentation.

One approach is to plan for joint exploration of the document as a starting point to your geography course.

An example of student work for this activity

Here are two Key Stage 3 (KS3) classroom scenarios to think about in relation to your own practice to date:

In scenario one - the geography team of teachers has thoroughly examined the new documentation. They have attended Action Plan for Geography curriculum-making and KS3 Resources courses, regional conferences and have set about adapting their current schemes of work so that they reflect the new curriculum, including its emphasis on key concepts. This re-presentation of geography is then delivered to students. Students however, may have played only a passive role in the curriculum making process.

In scenario two - the geography team has thought about their shared interpretation of the new curriculum and invited students of all ages to interact with the document as well. A shared sense of ownership will hopefully engage students and allow them to see the significance of geography in their everyday and future lives. Here the co-construction of a meaningful geography for all is the goal of the department.

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