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Is our local area a risky place?
Are some places riskier than others?
How risky is it to live in the UK?
To what extent are some hazard risks made greater by humans?
Can all hazard risk be managed (one)?
Can all hazard risk be managed (two)?
Does location affect how hazard risks are managed?
Risky world - Assessment
Risky world - Using Google Earth

Risky world - How risky is it to live in the UK?

Risky world

Key question

  • How risky is it to live in the UK?

Key Concepts

  • Physical and human processes
  • Environmental interaction and sustainable development
  • Interdependence

How risky is it to live in the UK?

How susceptible is the UK to the risks already considered in this module? Britain experiences a drought roughly once every 15 years. Although Britain is not usually associated with extreme weather conditions, floods do occur every four to five years. The frequency and extent of UK flooding has increased over the past 50 years due to urban expansion on floodplain regions. Urban growth has increased flood risk by creating impermeable surfaces that water cannot soak into and by channelling rainwater quickly into nearby rivers through a network of drains and gutters. In the UK, the number of properties at risk from flooding is now estimated to be 2.2 million. About once every two years Britain experiences a ‘weak' tornado, in contrast there are usually between 500 and 700 each year recorded in the USA where they are also known as Twisters.





Log on the Environment Agency website. On the right hand side you will see Flood Map.

Are you at risk of flooding?

Type in your home or school postcode and see if it at risk of flooding from rivers or sea.

(Teachers could also give you a postcode that is definitely at risk such as Bewdley or York to compare flood risk and flood defences)



This is a whole-class geographical enquiry into the July 2007 floods in the UK.

Using the downloads above, your teacher will guide you into thinking about cause, effect and solution questions and answers using a variety of resources.

At the end there will be a whole class discussion and you will answer the original question: How risky is it to live in the UK?

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