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What do landscapes mean to me?
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Come into my world part one
Come into my world part two

Who do we think we are? - Come into my world part two

Who do we think we are?

This lesson follows on from lesson five and looks at our awareness of our place in the world.

Key questions

  • What are symbols of identity?
  • What is your place in the world?




How will your video clip be assessed?

Take another look at the assessment criteria from last lesson. Not only will your video clip be assessed using this list, but you will also have to assess the clips of your classmates. So it is a good idea to refresh your memory so you know what to look for.



Marking your classmates' video clips

Watch your classmates' video clips and mark each one using this assessment sheet.



Giving feedback

In pairs, give feedback to one another on your video clips. When you are giving feedback, you should follow this format:

  • Give an overall score for the video clip
  • Give two positive comments about the video
  • Suggest one way in which the video could have been improved to get more points.

As a class, discuss what you found easy and more difficult about this task.

  • What did you think of your classmates' presentations?
  • What would you improve about your own video clip if you had a chance to do it again?

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