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Polar science
Extreme tourism
Moorland ecology
Urbanisation and migration
Coral Reef Ecosystems
Seaweed farming
Grand Alpine Tour

Key Stage 4 - 'From the field' resources

The Goldsmiths' Company

'From the field' Awards

Inspiring fieldwork supported by the RGS-IBG

Delivered in collaboration with The Goldsmiths' Company, these awards enable geography teachers to work alongside practioners at the cutting edge of geographical research to develop educational resources for the classroom. By engaging with locally based specialists in fields such as climate change, migration or development, you will be able to bring first hand experience of these issues into the classroom.

Grand Alpine Tour

Grand Alpine Tour »

Exploring the magnitude, frequency and spatial distribution of landslides above thinning and retreating glaciers in the Alps.


Typhoons »

The research looks at disaster management and human responses in rural Taiwan following on from Typhoon Morakot in 2009

Pole of cold

Polar science »

The Pole of Cold is a journey to chase the onset of winter across Europe and Siberia as far as the Pole of Cold, the coldest place in the northern hemisphere.

Extreme tourism »

Extreme tourism »

The research looks at travel along the ‘Chadar’ Ice River to Zanskar, which is the only way in or out of this remote Himalayan kingdom for eight months of the year.

Moorland ecology »

Moorland ecology »

The research looks at remote locations in the Peak District National Park to explore the recovery of areas of moorland which have been affected by fires.

Urbanisation and migration »

Urbanisation and migration »

The research looks at Mali's capital city Bamako, and how its rapid growth can be linked to the sand diggers of the river Niger.

Coral reef ecosystems »

Coral reef ecosystems »

The research looks at the exploitation and Management of a Coral Reef Ecosystem around Menjangan Island in Bali, Indonesia.

Seaweed farming Seaweed farming »

An exploration by sea kayak of liminal (marginal) living and rural development in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, focusing on seaweed farming.

More of these resources are also available for Key Stage Five.

GA silver award Winner of a Geographical Association Publisher's Award 2012 


About the 'From the field' Awards

Are you a teacher interested in inspiring young people to get involved in fieldwork? Do you want to work with experienced researchers to develop exciting new educational resources for your pupils and other geography teachers?

The RGS-IBG, in collaboration with The Goldsmiths’ Company, awards bursaries of up to £500 to support secondary level geography teachers develop educational resources that will give pupils an insight into the research being carried out by geographers on some of the key global geographical issues, from climate change to the loss of species, population growth or migration. The aim of the bursary is to develop educational resources that can be readily adopted by the school geography teaching community.

The resources developed should showcase the work of geographers in the field supported through the Society’s grants programme, the data collected, results and their implications for a schools audience. The resources will give young people and their teachers a greater insight into what fieldwork involves, the challenges of working in often inhospitable environments, and how, and for what purpose, key data on some of the world’s pressing issues actually are collected. We hope the resources will also inspire students to be involved in field projects/scientific expeditions themselves. Funds will also be provided to the researcher to allow a class visit/presentation.

Read more about the award and how to apply.

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