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Typhoons - Lesson one
Typhoons - Lesson two
Typhoons - Lesson three

'From the Field' Awards

Inspiring fieldwork supported by the RGS-IBG

Lesson threeLiving with typhoons - Lesson three

Key question

  • What are your recommendations for an emergency response system?

The research paper examined the emergency response system during the Xialoin Village disaster and made a number of recommendations.  This lesson introduces the class to research data and challenges them to draw out recommendations.  These can then be compared to those actually given in the report.

Documents to download


Consider that the adult literacy rate for Taiwan is 96%. Look at the following image:

Image one

From what we have already learned about the hazards associated with heavy precipitation, relatively weak geology and typhoons, evaluate this building as an emergency evacuation centre.


Introduce the class to the data collected by the researchers for their report. Students should find a partner and have a good look at the data, then make at least three recommendations to the Taiwanese Government about how they should respond to future typhoons.  For each recommendation, explain why it is needed by linking to the relevant data from the researchers.

You will need to refer back to the previous material, for example the actual events of the Xioalin landslide and the fact that the area is not a National Park.  You might also want to think about climate change and how the occurrence of tropical storms is increasing.

The three boxed texts are extracts from the report.


Read the actual recommendations from the report to students. Consider your own recommendations and compare how well you did.  Do your own ideas match those of the research team?

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