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Urbanisation and migration lesson one - Case study
Urbanisation and migration lesson two- Data analysis
Urbanisation and migration lesson three - Practical task

'From the Field' Awards

Inspiring fieldwork supported by the RGS-IBG

Urbanisation and migration - Lesson two: Data analysis

What is life like in Bamako?

Using interviews from the stone masons and migrants about their experiences of life and change in Bamako, can you describe what life might be like in this capital city?

During this lesson you will develop an understanding of using recorded interviews and photographs in acquiring information.

Key Questions

  • How can recordings be used in controlled assessment?
  • How can photographs be used in controlled assessment?
  • What is life like in Bamako?
  • What are people’s experience of life and change in Bamako?


Photograph analysis task

Have a look at some of Jane's images from her visit to Mali. Can you see the bigger picture? How has Jane used her pictures to document her trip and how can her pictures be used to focus the viewer?


Using audio recordings

Listen to Jane interviewing the stone masons in Mali (22 minutes into the recording).

What can be gained from the recordings of the stonemasons and migrants?

What can you tell from the recording about the stone masons and migrants?

Produce a table highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of using recordings during fieldwork.

From the recording, answer the following questions:

  • How is life in Bamako?
  • Is it good, bad?
  • Is it changing?
  • What are the issues raised by the interviewees?


As a class, discuss your current ideas about life in Bamako. Does it match with the impression of life gained from the previous lesson on Bamako?

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