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Global health in the 21st Century
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Engineering our climate
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Engineering our climate

Engineering our climateThe difficulty of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions is getting harder to ignore and previously dismissed solutions are being quietly discussed as possible options. Geo-engineering techniques have often been dismissed as pure science fiction, but more recently those previously against the idea of geo-engineering seem prepared to consider it as part of the solution. Whilst geo-engineering is not a solution to climate change, the question of whether it can be an effective means to delay the impacts of climate changed, is now being asked.

These resources introduce some of the concepts of geo-engineering and challenge students to see the difficulty governments face in tackling the issue of climate change.

  • View this Challenge
  • Challenge Overview Sheet PDF | MSWORD A summary sheet for the entire challenge containing key facts and figures, as well as summaries of the videos of the main speakers from each event
  • Lesson one plan: What is Plan B? PDF | MSWORD This lesson aims to introduce the idea of geo-engineering as a way of reducing the potential impacts of global warming
  • Teachers' Notes PDF | MSWORD
  • Class activity sheets blank (PDF)
  • Class activity sheets completed (PDF)
  • PowerPoint (PPT)
  • 'Fact Sheet: What is Plan B? PDF | MSWORD Containing an overview of the issues and points to be focused on in the lesson, this provides teachers with background information for the lesson and can be used as a summary resource sheet for students
  • Lesson two plan: Is there a future in geo-engineering? PDF | MSWORD This lesson looks at the debate surrounding geo-engineering as a potential solution to global warming
  • Teachers' Notes PDF | MSWORD
  • International convention style class activity PDF | MSWORD
  • Fact Sheet: Is there a future in geo-engineering? PDF | MSWORD This contains the background information to allow the students to carry out the lesson activity
  • Country profiles PDF | MSWORD
  • Engineering views resource sheet PDF | MSWORD
  • Exam Specification Overview PDF | MSWORD This document briefly summarises where the lessons link to each exam board specification (AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC and IB)
  • General Teaching Ideas PDF | MSWORD Ideas for class work or homework which incorporate the resources from the 21st Century Challenges website

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