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Restless climate - Lessons using data skills
Water cycle - Lessons using data skills
Ymchwiliad Annibynnol Safon Uwch Daearyddiaeth – Canllaw i Fyfyrwyr

Water cycle: Lessons using data skills

Dr Annie Ockleford, University of Brighton

Lesson 1 – The global water balance

Worksheet 1

Datasheet 1

Lesson 2 – The implications of changes to the global water balance - growing season length in the USA

Worksheet 2

Datasheet 2

Lesson 3 – Comparing hydrographs: How does land management affect storm discharge?

Worksheet 3

Datasheet 3

Lesson 4 – Flood frequency

Worksheet 4

Datasheet 4

Lesson 5 – Changing water resources: discharge response across the USA

Worksheet 5

Datasheet 5

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