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Energy security »
Ocean acidification »
Glacial landscapes »
Tectonic landscapes »
Arid environments »
Earthquakes in New Zealand »

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Key Stage 5 - 'From the field' resources

'From the field' Awards

Inspiring fieldwork supported by the RGS-IBG

Delivered in collaboration with The Goldsmiths' Company, these awards enable geography teachers to work alongside practitioners at the cutting edge of geographical research to develop educational resources for the classroom. By engaging with locally based specialists in fields such as climate change, migration or development, you will be able to bring first hand experience of these issues into the classroom.

Ocean acidification »

Ocean acidification »
This research aimed to investigate the impact of ocean acidification on biogeochemical cycling through sea ice, and how this affects Arctic marine communities.

Energy security »

Energy security »
Exploring the way that energy is used, governed and controlled in a number of EU countries and the different ways that energy affects people’s lives.

Glacial landscapes »

Glacial landscapes »
This research project looked at evidence for the presence of glaciers in the Drakensberg Mountains in the past to understand the glacial history of the area.

Tectonic landscapes » Tectonic landscapes »
Investigating the volcanic plumes of three Chilean volcanoes to see if the chemical composition of plumes can help predict impending eruptions.
Arid environments

Arid environments »
These resources highlight various challenges facing those living in the Gobi Desert region, including natural hazards and food production and security.

Earthquakes in New Zealand

Earthquakes in New Zealand »
These resources look at the emotional geographies of disaster displacement in Christchurch, New Zealand following on from recent earthquakes

More of these resources are also available for Key Stage Four.

GA silver award Winner of a Geographical Association Publisher's Award 2012


About the 'From the field' Awards

Are you a teacher interested in inspiring young people to get involved in fieldwork? Do you want to work with experienced researchers to develop exciting new educational resources for your pupils and other geography teachers?

The RGS-IBG, in collaboration with The Goldsmiths’ Company, awards bursaries of up to £500 to support secondary level geography teachers develop educational resources that will give pupils an insight into the research being carried out by geographers on some of the key global geographical issues, from climate change to the loss of species, population growth or migration. The aim of the bursary is to develop educational resources that can be readily adopted by the school geography teaching community.

The resources developed should showcase the work of geographers in the field supported through the Society’s grants programme, the data collected, results and their implications for a schools audience. The resources will give young people and their teachers a greater insight into what fieldwork involves, the challenges of working in often inhospitable environments, and how, and for what purpose, key data on some of the world’s pressing issues actually are collected. We hope the resources will also inspire students to be involved in field projects/scientific expeditions themselves. Funds will also be provided to the researcher to allow a class visit/presentation.

Read more about the award and how to apply.

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