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Key Stage 5 - From the field resources »
21st Century Challenges »
Exploring Africa

Key Stage 5 resources

Geography in the News

Geography in the News is our award winning site containing up to date curriculum material examining geographical events in the media. School Members of the Society have access to over 125 case studies through the site, as well as online lectures and news roundups.

Geography in the News »

Geography in the News
Full access for School Members of the RGS-IBG and limited access for non members.

Ask the experts »

Ask the experts
Pose your questions on topical issues to our group of leading researchers and experts.

'From the field' resources

These resources are designed to support the teaching of geography at GCSE, AS, and A Level, giving in depth information on the subject and an insight for students and teachers into the work of researchers in the field.

Ocean acidification »

Ocean acidification »
This research aimed to investigate the impact of ocean acidification on biogeochemical cycling through sea ice, and how this affects Arctic marine communities.

Energy security »

Energy security »
Exploring the way that energy is used, governed and controlled in a number of EU countries and the different ways that energy affects people’s lives.

Glacial landscapes »

Glacial landscapes »
This research project looked at evidence for the presence of glaciers in the Drakensberg Mountains in the past to understand the glacial history of the area.

Tectonic landscapes » Tectonic landscapes »
Investigating the volcanic plumes of three Chilean volcanoes to see if the chemical composition of plumes can help predict impending eruptions.
Arid environments

Arid environments »
These resources highlight various challenges facing those living in the Gobi Desert region, including natural hazards and food production and security.

Earthquakes in New Zealand

Earthquakes in New Zealand »
These resources look at the emotional geographies of disaster displacement in Christchurch, New Zealand following on from recent earthquakes

In collaboration with The Goldsmiths' Company

21st Century Challenges

The Society's discussion series that aims to improve public understanding of, and engagement with, some of the big issues likely to affect our lives and society in the coming years.

Equalising education

Equalising education »
Looking at the gender issues in access to education

Air quality for all

Air quality for all »
Looking at causes and solutions to air pollution

Escape to the country

Escape to the city »
Looking at rural vs urban geographies

Mobile middle classes

Mobile middle class »
Looking at how the global class system is changing

Feeding the 9 billion

Feeding the 9 billion »
Looking at food supply issues

Global health in the 21st Century

Global health in the 21st Century »
Looking at global health issues

Adapting to an urban future Adapting to an urban future »
Looking at the causes and consequences of global urbanisation
Digital technology in Africa Digital technology in Africa »
Looking at how Africa's digital divide links to the development gap
Persistent poverty in Britain Persistent poverty in Britain »
Looking at poverty in the UK
Can the Uk ever be sustainable? Can the UK ever be sustainable? »
Looking at the challenges and solutions for a sustainable UK
Plastic pollution in the oceans Plastic pollution in the oceans »
Looking at the plastic pollution problem in oceans
Not in my back yard Not in my back yard »
Looking at projects of national importance versus local concerns
Digital divide in the UK? Digital divide in the UK? »
Looking at the digital divide in the UK
Importing goods, exporting drought? Importing goods, exporting drought? »
Looking at the cost of our virtual footprints
Natural disasters: How to improve? Natural disasters: how to improve? »
Looking at how the response to natural disasters can be improved
Engineering our climate Engineering our climate »
Looking at geo-engineering to delay the impacts of climate change
Britain's ageing population Britain's ageing population »
Looking at the challenges and opportunities of an ageing population in the UK
Future of low carbon energy Future of low carbon energy »
Looking at global investment to forward low carbon technologies
Razing the rainforest Razing the rainforest »
Looking at the deforestation of rainforests
London under water London under water »
Looking at the threat of flooding to London
Migration: skills and the job market Migration: skills and the job market »
Looking at the links between migration and the job market
Concreting the countryside Concreting the countryside »
Looking at the expansion of urban areas in London and South East England

Hidden Histories of Exploration

The Hidden Histories of Exploration research project brings to light the roles of indigenous peoples, local guides, interpreters and other intermediaries in exploration.

Exploring Africa Exploring Africa »

Discovering Antarctica

This RGS-IBG website provides advanced accounts of Antarctica's environment as well as how it is being studied, utilized and managed. More specifically, this section explores Antarctica in relation to six important themes in physical and human geography; the physical themes involving the cryosphere, atmosphere and biosphere, and the human themes keying into geopolitics, resources, and tourism.

Discovering Antarctica » Discovering Antarctica

RGS-IBG website in collaboration with British Antarctic Survey, Foreign & Commonwealth Office and British Antarctic Territory.

Your Climate Your Life

At the core of A-level geography lies an understanding of process – both physical mechanisms such as overland flow and human movements like migration. The operation of these processes is dependent upon environmental factors. Climate change is an increasingly important factor that helps determine the rates at which these all-important processes operate.

Your climate your life » Your climate your life

RGS-IBG website supported by DEFRA Climate Change Fund

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