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Tales from the Field: Students on Fieldwork

Fieldwork is an exciting and important part of most undergraduate geography degrees. A number of students describe moments from their recent geography field trips, highlighting some challenges they faced and also some of the creative ways in which they conducted research in the field. 

  • Finding informants for a project on Alleycat Racing, by Joe Thompson, Sheffield University
  • The Unpredictable Field: Missing Isolation Bags, by Alexandra Martin, University of Liverpool 
  • Sound and the City, by Max Ridley, Sheffield University 
  • Jay-Z's Geographies, by Kirsty Durose, Sheffield University 
  • Architecture and the Body, by Becky Wooden, Sheffield University 
  • Photographic Fieldwork, by Nick Quinn, Sheffield University 
  • Homeless Garden Project, by Laura Stafford and Stephanie Beech, University of Liverpool
  • Greenland360 climate change expedition, by James Wylie, University of Edinburgh

Finding Informants for a project on Alleycat Racing (PDF)

Finding Informants for a project on Alleycat Racing (PDF)
Joe Thompson’s fieldwork in New York explored alleycat racing, an intense cycling race that occurs across the city, where cyclists race from one checkpoint to the next on a fixed gear bike with no brakes. 

The Unpredictable Field - Missing Isolation Bags (PDF)

The Unpredictable Field: Missing Isolation Bags (PDF)
Alexandra Martin wanted to investigate algal blooms at Pinto Lake in California. Her experimental design involved making 'isolation bags'. The first challenge was making the bags...

Sound and the City (PDF)

Sound and the City (PDF)
Max Ridley’s field project explored the place of sound in the city through street performance. He found that exploring sound and visual performance in tandem could throw new light on experiences of urban environments.

How does music portray a city? (PDF)

How does music portray a city? (PDF)
Kirsty Durose’s field project explored the ways in which music can portray a city, and shape the ways in which people see and experience it. She focused upon Jay-Z and his musical portraits of New York.

How is the city like a body? (PDF)

How is the city like a body? (PDF)
Becky Wooden explored relationships between the city and the human body through a study of an iconic building. Her field diary compared architectural surfaces to human skin, and windows to eyes.

Photographic Fieldwork (PDF)

Photographic Fieldwork (PDF)
Nick Quinn conducted his fieldwork, investigating human faces in the city, through the medium of photography. He also experimented with the manipulation of images.

Why are homeless people gardening? (PDF)

Why are homeless people gardening? (PDF)
The Homeless Garden Project is a community farm and transitional job project in Santa Cruz. Laura Stafford and Stephanie Beech met participants in the project to investigate what they get out of it. 

Greenland360 climate change expedition (PDF)

Greenland360 climate change expedition (PDF)
James Wylie was part of an expedition documenting the impact of climate change through a variety of mediums, including aerial drone footage, photography, artistic interpretation and educational presentations.

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