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BBC News slideshows

A selection of audio slideshows, featuring the Society, from the BBC News website. You can also see a selection of just some of the Media highlights of appearances of the Society's work, as well as a comprehensive chronological list of media mentions on our Media coverage page.

Top travel photos from around the world » Image © Alessandra Meniconzi 09.07.13: Top travel photos from around the world
From untamed landscapes and stunning natural phenomena to human stories and wildlife in close-up. Each year, the Travel Photographer of the Year competition draws thousands of entries from across the planet.
The 1953 technology used to climb Everest » 08.05.13: The 1953 technology used to climb Everest
High altitude boots, rubber walkie talkies and experimental oxygen tanks helped Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay conquer the world's highest mountain 60 years ago. The 1953 Everest expedition used the latest technology available at the time.
Global views - lives and landscapes » Image © Franco Banfi 21.06.12: Global views - lives and landscapes
From the hot and humid rain forests of South America and the Far East, to the cold and inhospitable arctic regions of northern Canada and Russia - the Travel Photographer of the Year competition attracts stunning image entries from across the world.
Olympic connections across the UK » © Walk the World and RGS-IBG 19.01.12: Olympic connections across the UK
What links might Liechtenstein, Mongolia and Burundi have with Norwich, Stirling and Swansea? The London 2012 Cultural Olympiad wants to know, as Walk the World tries to find UK-wide ties to all of the 206 participating countries in the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Early Expeditions to Everest © RGS-IBG » 17.10.11: Early Expeditions to Everest
To mark the anniversary of the first trip in 1921, the Royal Geographical Society staged an exhibition of the most evocative expedition images - culminating with Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary's successful 1953 ascent.
Rivers of Ice: Vanishing Glaciers © David Breashears - GlacierWorks » 11.10.11: Rivers of Ice: Vanishing Glaciers
Stunning images from high in the Himalayas - showing the extent by which many glaciers have shrunk in the past 80 years or so - went on display at Society.
World View (Travel Photographer of the Year) © Luke Duggleby » 05.05.11: World View (Travel Photographer of the Year)
From bright red parrots in Guatamala - to Greenland's snowy landscape - the photographers who impressed the  Travel Photographer of the Year judges trekked across the globe to capture stunning images of people and places. These images displayed in an exhibition at the Society.
Mapping Africa © RGS-IBG » 14.03.11: Mapping Africa
From one of the earliest depictions of the continent - to the colonial scramble for land - the maps of Africa exhibition and online resource reveal a great deal about the people who have lived there through the centuries.
Britain from the Air © Jason Hawkes » 29.09.10: Britain from the Air
From glacier-carved mountain valleys to jagged saw-toothed coastlines, the UK's diverse physical and human geography - as seen from above - was celebrated in a street exhibition in Bath and Oxford, and also online.
From the Afghan Archives »

12.02.09: From the Afghan Archives
Explore Afghanistan through the eyes of the Western photographers and artists who visited the country in the 19th and early 20th Centuries, as displayed in a Society exhibition.

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