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In Society: Geographical magazine

In Society is the monthly feature in Geographical magazine about our recent work, including forthcoming events.

In Society June 2014 (PDF)
Ten years have passed since the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) opened its collections to the public in their entirety. This landmark event in the history of the Society – which was founded in 1830 – made more than two million maps, documents, images and artefacts available to all.

In Society May 2014 (PDF)
From the forest of India to the Moroccan High Atlas and Malaysia’s peat swamps, this year’s grant recipients are travelling to and working in a wide range of the world’s environments.

In Society April 2014 (PDF)
Geography is gaining popularity in UK schools. Numbers of GCSE geography students are at their highest for nine years, while AS- and A-level entries have also received a boost.

In Society March 2014 (PDF)
Geographers have contributed a great deal to climate change research and the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) continues to advance knowledge in this important area. Through its conferences, journals and research groups, the Society brings together leading researchers and creates spaces in which current and relevant debates can be held.

In Society February 2014 (PDF)
For the first time in the 140-year history of Lowther Lodge, the Society's home in Kensington, the ornate north façade is being illuminated at night. A soft, warm light now washes over the building, picking out its vertical lines and drawing attention to the hand-carved motifs.

In Society January 2014 (PDF)
According to the new National Curriculum, all secondary school pupils studying geography should learn about geographic information systems (GIS) and how they can be used to layer datasets upon one another to reveal spatial patterns.

In Society December 2013 (PDF)
Have you ever wanted to delve into the Collections of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) but not known where to start? The popular series of Be Inspired events is an excellent entry point into the Society's two million items, which are accessible to members and non-members alike.

In Society November 2013 (PDF)
With more than 16,000 members located in more than 100 countries, the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) has established one of the world’s most active communities of geographers. And you don’t have to live in London to enjoy the benefits of membership.

In Society October 2013 (PDF)
For one weekend each November, the Society hosts its Explore weekend to help those with an ambition for expeditions and field research put their ideas into action. Whether your objective is research, conservation or adventure, the event can help provide you with the inspiration, contacts and practical advice you need.

In Society September 2013 (PDF)
Just starting geography at A-level or in the first year of your degree course? Then the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) has lots of resources to help you.

In Society August 2013 (PDF)
The Society’s major awards, the Patron’s Medal and the Founder’s Medal, which are among the most esteemed of their kind in the world, have this year been presented to Michael Palin and Professor Keith Richards of the University of Cambridge. Both medals, which have been awarded for more than 150 years, are approved each year by the Queen and are of equal value and merit. They honour those who have advanced geographical science and education.

In Society July 2013 (PDF)
Each year, the Society supports research projects and scientific expeditions to advance geographical knowledge by providing funding, training and advice. From independent travel awards, geographical fieldwork grants and postgraduate research awards to small research grants and senior research and scientific expedition awards, there’s a diverse and thriving grants programme at the Society.

In Society June 2013 (PDF)
It was 100 years ago that the Society and its then president, Lord Curzon, arranged for the purchase of, and move into, its current home – Lowther Lodge in Kensington. Now, a century on, the Society is going through similarly exciting changes that will bring many new benefits and opportunities for Fellows and members.

In Society May 2013 (PDF)
The Society has had reason to celebrate recently, with the news that a benchmarking review has ranked the UK’s human geography research the best in the world. The sixth and final of a series of reviews led by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the analysis found that in the UK, human geography is an innovative, diverse, vibrant discipline that sets the intellectual agenda in many areas; publishes more than its fair share of major disciplinary journals; leads the way in terms of the number and reach of published journal articles; and has produced a large number of seminal publications – both books and articles.

In Society April 2013 (PDF)
Over recent months, a flurry of consultations, drafts and ministerial announcements has signalled major changes to the school curriculum. These changes will fundamentally affect what is taught, how it’s examined, how schools will be held accountable for performance and, for those in the final years of their schooling, how A-levels will be differentiated from AS-levels.

In Society March 2013 (PDF)
From the historic ports and maritime tales of Harwich and Portsmouth to the changing fortunes of coal-mining towns in the Welsh Valleys and South Yorkshire, the Society’s Discovering Britain series of geographically themed walks continues to grow.

In Society February 2013 (PDF)
In recent years, the Society has seen a flourishing community of professionals formally recognised for using geographical skills in the workplace. Chartered Geographer (CGeog) accreditation has developed and grown since it was first introduced by the Society in 2002, with close to 500 geographersacross a wide range of businesses and sectors gaining the qualification.

In Society January 2013 (PDF)
For four years now, the Society’s Learning
& Leading programme has been using geographical fieldwork to help raise the aspirations, motivation and achievements of young people.

In Society December 2012 (PDF)
In early October, I had the enormous pleasure of chairing my first Monday evening lecture as president of the Society. The pleasure was made greater as the speaker was Professor Sir Gordon Conway, a past president.

In Society November 2012 (PDF)
There is no such thing as a typical Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) member. Whether your passion lies in travel or the great outdoors, or you have a keen interest in the geographical challenges that face humanity in the 21st century, the Society has something for everyone.

In Society October 2012 (PDF)
With some of the first photographs ever taken in far-flung locations, world-renowned images and artwork from the Golden Age of travel and exploration, and depictions of modern-day science and geographical research, the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)’s picture library is one of the most important collections of its kind.

In Society September 2012 (PDF)
Perched by the porch of an estancia, miles from civilisation in the ruggedly wild setting of northwest Argentina, Jas Jhalli, recipient of the Society’s 2012 Journey of a Lifetime Award, watches intently as Argentina’s legendary cowboys, the gauchos, usher their cattle down the steep hills and into the valley.

In Society August 2012 (PDF)
From scientific fieldwork and historical geography to excellence in teaching and photography, the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)’s annual medals and awards recognise and celebrate outstanding contributions across the breadth of geography.

In Society July 2012 (PDF)
Olympic fervour is growing, and soon millions of people will descend on London for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) has been using this special occasion to encourage teachers and students to discover more about their own local areas and environments, and to learn about the economic, social and environmental impacts that the occasion will have on the UK and the capital.

In Society June 2012 (PDF)
Whether it is in your local region or in an exotic, far-flung destination, fieldwork can be both inspirational and informative. It’s a great way to see geography come to life and to experience and enjoy a wide range of environments. It’s also a key way in which geographers and other research scientists advance our understanding of our world.

In Society May 2012 (PDF)
Strategic planning was introduced at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) in 1998 as a way to involve committees, Fellows and members, staff and other interested parties in helping to shape what we do to deliver our objective of ‘advancing geographical science’. The Society benefits from being a broad church with many different interest groups and this process enables everyone to have a voice.

In Society April 2012 (PDF)
The world currently faces numerous challenges, from achieving sustainable food production to dealing with future migration, and the next generation of geographers will play a crucial role in helping society to understand and respond to those challenges. The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) is helping to inspire this new generation of geographers through its ambassador scheme.

In Society March 2012 (PDF)
Geographical thinking and solutions are at the heart of a number of key challenges affecting places, societies, environments and livelihoods, both locally and globally, and the 21st Century Challenges series encourages its audiences – both online and in person – to think from those challenges from new and unique perspectives.

In Society February 2012 (PDF)
The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) is challenging Britons to discover more about their local environment by finding links to all 206 nations competing in the Olympic and Paralympic games.

In Society January 2012 (PDF)
It is the opportunity of a lifetime for young, passionate geographers – perhaps like you – who want to get out into the field for their first scientific expedition. Every year, the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) helps 40 to 50 teams of young people to do just that, by awarding its geographical fieldwork grants – and now is the time to apply for the 2012 awards.

In Society December 2011 (PDF)
There is yet another benefit to becoming a member or Fellow of the Society. Late September saw the opening of the Society’s new Members’ Room, made possible through the President’s Appeal, which also helped to renew the north face of Lowther Lodge, the Society’s London headquarters.

In Society November 2011 (PDF)
From community groups to school students and from research academics at all levels to those planning for travel, fieldwork and expeditions, the Foyle Reading Room at the Society’s Lowther Lodge headquarters in London provide the gateway to its extensive collections, which span more than 500 years of geography.

In Society October 2011 (PDF)
The Society’s landmark expedition and fieldwork-planning weekend, Explore, is just around the corner. Organised by the Society’s Geography Outdoors team, the event is open to people of all ages and levels of experience, and is a must for anyone planning fieldwork, expeditions or journeys with a purpose.

In Society September 2011 (PDF)
Young geographers between the ages of nine and 18 from the UK and Europe will be honing their geographical skills this autumn as the annual Young Geographer of the Year competition heads towards its entry deadline – and this year there’s an award for newly qualified teachers, too.

In Society August 2011 (PDF)
The Society's Medals and Awards celebrate achievements in geographical research, fieldwork, exploration, teaching and photography, and in bringing geography to new audiences.

In Society July 2011 (PDF)
The Society's famous Britain from the Air exhibition, created with Wecommunic8, has just opened at Oxford Castle for the summer - but it's just one way that the Society is enthusing people to find out more about their world.

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