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Read media releases from the Society's Press Office.

24.10.08 - Explore 2008 (PDF)

Explore 2008, the event for anyone planning an expedition or fieldwork, taking place at the Society’s headquarters in South Kensington

13.10.08 - Razing the Rainforests (PDF)

Senator Marina Silva, former Brazilian Environment Minister; Warren Evans, the Director of the Environment at the World Bank; and Simon Counsell, Director of the Rainforest Foundation, discuss world’s rainforests, in the fourth of the Society’s 21st Century Challenges series.

09.09.08 - The Punjab: Moving Journeys (PDF)

Rare photography of the Punjab revealed in a new exhibition at the Society's headquarters in South Kensington.

29.08.08 - Where in the world is your family (PDF)

New website shows where we all live and how our relatives have spread out around the globe.

29.08.08 - Canals for monks in punts discovered in Fens (PDF)

A series of medieval canals has been discovered in the Fens of Lincolnshire.

28.08.08 - Internet mapping wiping Britain off the map, says President of British Cartographic Society (PDF)

Britain's rich geography and history could be wiped off the map by internet mapping.

28.08.08 - Government failed in mission to spread wealth nationwide (PDF)

Regional disparities in wealth in the UK are now greater than at any other time since the war, according to new research.

27.08.08 - Geographers map happiest places in Britain (PDF)

Geographers have mapped happiness and well-being in 273 districts in England, Scotland and Wales.

27.08.08 - Bleeding-heart jetsetters bad news for climate (PDF)

New research on flying suggests that committed environmentalists do not accept extra ‘green taxes’ and are sceptical of carbon offsetting schemes.

28.07.08 - Poor primary school pupils end up in worst secondaries (PDF)

Poor pupils at age 11 are more likely to move to the worst performing secondary schools in England, according to research published in the Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers.

19.06.08 - Who Do We Think We Are? week (PDF)

Teachers: The Society, in partnership with the Historical Association and citizenship consultant Paula Kitching, are leading on Who Do We Think We Are? week. Use this release to publicise your school's events.

18.06.08 - London Under Water (PDF)

Chaired by the BBC's Evan Davis, our panel discuss the risks to London of a catastrophic flood - and the steps being taken to prevent it.

02.06.08 - 2008 medal and awards winners (PDF)

The Society announce the recipients of their annual medal and awards.

12.05.08 - Learning and Leading Bursaries (PDF)

The Society offers the first of its Learning & Leading bursaries to A-Level students and geography teachers to encourage excellence in fieldwork.

28.04.08 - Concreting the Countryside (PDF)

Chaired by Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins, Sir Peter Hall, President of the Town and Country Planning Association, and Martin Crookston, urban economist and town planner, discuss whether the South East can accomodate millions of planned new homes.

28.03.08 - Action Plan for Geography (PDF)

The government has renewed its commitment to supporting geography in schools by supporting the Action Plan for Geography for a further three years.

17.03.08 - RGS-IBG and Wiley-Blackwell to launch new WIREs (PDF)

Climate Change, an innovative new online interdisciplinary resource, is launched in conjunction with the Royal Meteorological Society and published by Wiley-Blackwell.

10.03.08 - Cryptosphere: Mapping Paradise (PDF)

Society showcases outcome of its first Artist's Residency, with work from sculptor Simeon Nelson

06.03.08 - The future of low carbon energy (PDF)

Lord Browne, former CEO BP and Malcolm Wicks MP, Energy Minister, debate the issues at the Royal Geographical Society with IBG.

17.01.08 - Ofsted report commentary (PDF)

Dr Rita Gardner comments on an Ofsted report Geography in Schools - changing practice.

07.01.08 - Excellence in Geography Awards

Four students nationwide receive awards from the Society:

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