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Our Members

Thinking of joining us? Find out why a selection of our members and Fellows did just that.

Anna Ford

Former journalist and news reader, now co-chancellor of the University of Manchester and non-executive director for Sainsbury’s where she chairs its corporate responsibility committee.

"'For me, it's one of life's great pleasures to go to a lecture or illustrated talk at the Society, from speakers who are still pushing the boundaries of knowledge of the world we live in and must protect."

Read more about our events, including regional lectures


Anna Ford


Ben Fogle

Presenter and writer whose achievements include racing 160 miles across the Sahara desert in the notorious Marathon Des Sables, rowing the Atlantic Ocean in 49 days and crossing Antarctica in a foot race to the South Pole.

"The Society is the most incredible organisation. Over the years I have heard a diverse array of speakers from the late Wilfred Thesiger to the recent President Michael Palin. With unrivalled access to the library and archives, my Fellowship is one of my most cherished memberships."

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Ben Fogle


Dan Box

Recipient of the Society and BBC Radio 4’s 2009 Journey of a Lifetime award who reported from the Carteret Islands off Papua New Guinea on the first people to be officially evacuated from their homeland as a result of climate change.

"'As a child I was fascinated by the Society and still get the same childish joy from being a small part of it now. Today I run my own radio production company and the Society has been a source of inspiration and support."

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Dan Box


Nick Crane

British cartographer, writer and broadcaster who has written and presented two television series for BBC Two: Coast and Great British Journeys.

"My great-grandfather was a Fellow, and it was his tales of travel in what was then 'Asia Minor' which led me to join what I now see as the forum of modern geography; a place I return to for inspiration, ideas and chance encounters of the geographical kind. With the current crop of global challenges for us to tackle, the Society has never had a more critical role"

Read more about our 21st Century Challenges series


Nick Crane
c. Peter Eason


Damien McCloud

Geography graduate and senior consultant (GIS) for ARUP, a independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists.

"I joined the Society because I felt it was the only place really supporting professional development in geographical information systems (GIS). My company positively encourages its employees to integrate with the community and taking part in the Geography Ambassadors programme has been a perfect way for me to develop my communications skills, through sharing my interest in geography with young people."

Read more about Chartered Geographer


Damien McCloud


Cliff Pereira

Historian who was guest curator of the Society's 'Bombay Africans' exhibition examining the history of African exploration during the period 1850-1910.

"Having enjoyed a short career in Geophysics, I joined the RGS-IBG at a personal turning point, as I embarked on a career in travel and tourism. As guest curator on the Bombay Africans exhibition, I found my connection with the Society produced positive changes in the public view of the role of ‘background’ people in the history of exploration, both in the UK and abroad in India and Africa."

Read more about our exhibitions


Cliff Pereira


Dan Studley

Dan is a student and a Young Member of the Society.

"My first experience of the Society was when I attended its week long summer school in London. This was an invaluable experience and convinced me that geography was the path I was going to take in my future studies. To enhance my knowledge I became a young member. This has given me a privileged opportunity to attend lectures and receive Geographical magazine, which is full of inspirational content."

Read more about our work with schools


Dan Studley

Professor Daniel Dorling

Professor of Human Geography at the University of Sheffield who received the Society’s Back Award in 2009 for outstanding contribution to social policy. A member of the World Health Organization's Scientific Resource Group on Health Equity Analysis and Research, he also works on re-mapping inequality at www.worldmapper.org.

"I joined the RGS-IBG because I wanted to know what one of world's largest learned societies and professional bodies for geography was doing, especially one with such rich resources. As a member living in the north of England, one of the attractions for me has been to watch the steady way in which the Society has opened up to and engaged with contemporary Britain, by encouraging new audiences to participate in geographical learning and discussion."

Read more about our research and higher education work


Danny Dorling


Lynn Morris

Member of the Atlantic Rising team who received the Society and Land Rover’s Go Beyond’ bursary in 2009.

"All the way along our route people have stopped us in the street or jogged alongside our Land Rover in traffic jams, wanting to talk about the Society. It is an internationally recognised organisation without whose generous support our project, Atlantic Rising, would never have been possible."

Read more articles and links to stories about geography in Geography Today


Lynne Morris


Hugh Dennis

Actor, writer, comedian, and regular panellist on BBC Two satirical show, Mock the Week.

“I now earn my living in broadcasting, but my degree is in geography and, although my life has taken a largely unconnected course, Fellowship of the Society has allowed me once again to build bonds with a subject I love, and one which seems ever more relevant in this all too rapidly changing world."

Read more about our policy and public affairs work


Hugh Dennis

  © Mike Hogan

Josh Lewsey

Former England rugby union player and an avid climber.

"There can be few organisations with such an esteemed history that have done so much to encapsulate the human spirit of challenge and discovery. It is the likes of Mallory, Scott, Shackleton, Fiennes and recent President Michael Palin who have inspired entire generations to ask 'what can be done' and 'what can we achieve?"

Read more about fieldwork and expeditions


Josh Lewsey


Frank Gardner OBE

BBC security correspondent, he was appointed an OBE in 2005 for his services to journalism. In 2009 Frank gave his talk "Far Horizons" three times at the Society, twice as part of the Monday night series and once as part of the London City lectures.

"I always enjoy coming to hear talks at the RGS-IBG, many of which have been truly inspirational."

Read more about the Monday night lectures and the London City lectures


Frank Gardner


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