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Past exhibitions
About our exhibitions
The Enduring Eye: The Antarctic Legacy of Sir Ernest Shackleton and Frank Hurley
Development progress
Britain from the air
The Tuareg or Kel Tamasheq, and a history of the Sahara


The Pavilion is a dedicated exhibition space, opened in 2004 at the Society on Exhibition Road. It was part of a development project entitled Unlocking the Archives during which the Society's building was extended and resources opened up to the public.

Aquileia the great
lost city

6 March - 29 May

Discover wealthy Aquileia, once called "Secunda Roma", the Second Rome in the Republican period.


Britain from
the Air

12 March - 7 May

Challenge your perceptions of the UK's landscapes with this outdoor exhibition of thought-provoking photographs located in Victoria Gardens in Leeds city centre.

The Tuareg or Kel Tamasheq 

2 June - 20 June

Discover the Tuareg, the famed desert nomads, and their culture and history. Through the travels of remarkable British, French, and German explorers, colonisation and Tuareg adaption to the 21st century. 

Travel Photographer of the Year


Be inspired by some of the world's most stunning contemporary travel images

The Enduring Eye

The Society celebrates the centenary of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914-17) led by Sir Ernest Shackleton

our exhibitions

About our exhibitions

Find out more about the Pavilion, our exhibition space at the Society

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