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Enduring Eye: The Antarctic Legacy of Sir Ernest Shackleton and Frank Hurley
Boissonnas in Egypt
Britain from the Air
Discovering our shared Antarctic heritage
Frank Hurley and the art of the platinum print
Shackledon's Endurance: discovering our shared Antarctic heritage
Travels with the Director - Rita Gardner

Frank Hurley and the art of the platinum print

James Wordie, Alfred Cheetham and Alexander Macklin (left to right) washing the galley floor of the 'Endurance' by Frank Hurley, 1914-1916

 Wednesday 13 - Wednesday 27 September and Wednesday 4 - Wednesday 25 October 2017
 Monday – Friday 10.00am–5.00pm
“During the day I hacked through the thick walls of the refrigerator to retrieve the negatives stored therein. They were located beneath four feet of mushy ice and, by stripping to the waist and diving under, I hauled them out. Fortunately, they are soldered up in double tin linings, so I am hopeful they may not have suffered by their submersion. On return to camp my team bolted owing to a killer whale breaking through the ice but 10 yards ahead…”
Frank Hurley’s diary, 2 November 1915 

The images created by Frank Hurley, the official photographer and cinematographer during Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ill-fated Endurance expedition (1914-17), have gained iconic status. This exhibition celebrates Frank Hurley’s work with a display of contemporary limited edition platinum prints made from his original glass-plate negatives housed at the Society, the very first using this rare process in honour of this master photographer. The prints exhibited are offered for sale: each print is part of a small limited edition, individually numbered and accompanied by a matching certificate guaranteeing the print’s authenticity. For more information please contact: Hurleyprints@rgs.org 

The Society’s centenary exhibition is now on tour around the UK, find out more.

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