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Assessment panel guidance

Guidance has been provided by the assessment panel for Chartered Geographer to help you make sure you have included sufficient information in your application for the status. Visit FAQs for common Chartered Geographer queries.

Clare Hadley CGeog (GIS) explains what the assessment panel look for in Chartered Geographer applications. Clare is a Final Assessor for the Chartered Geographer programme and Policy and Engagement Manager at Ordnance Survey.

The panel of assessors for Chartered Geographer review every case to check that it meets the eligibility criteria and that it shows a sufficient level of professional achievement to merit the award of chartered status.

They check that you have the right qualifications and experience (see application criteria for more details):

  • Fellow of RGS-IBG
  • Have six years minimum full time professional experience using geographical knowledge, skills and understanding in the workplace since graduation
  • Hold an Honours degree or BEd in Geography or related subject or have 15 years of geographical experience
  • Provide a detailed professional self-evaluation showing how you are applying your geographical knowledge, skills and understanding to your work. This is the most important part of the application
  • Have strong references that illustrate how you are applying your geographical knowledge, skills and understanding

Specific criteria

The assessors also review cases by looking at the following criteria:

  • Sufficient professional context. Is the level of experience and professional responsibility demonstrated appropriate, for example, does it extend beyond offering technical support under the supervision of other professionals?
  • Has the case been made for CGeog status? How does your experience and knowledge mean you are qualified for CGeog? Is there explicit evidence to indicate that the value of CGeog as a professional qualification will be understood through interaction with other professionals? Is there an explicit statement as to why you want to become a Chartered Geographer?
  • Is there enough evidence of professional influence? You could be meeting the basic requirements of your job description well, but may not appear to have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to promoting geography (for example; internally through mentoring, memberships, outreach programmes, and supporting colleagues, or through external activities). Examples of the way successful applicants have made reference to these activities can be found in these professional self-evaluation (PSE) statements (PDF) and in the guideline requirements
  • Is enough information given? For example; details of collaborative work undertaken, topics and audiences for external lectures and publications, and evidence of the quality and success of these activities. What form of engagement has there been with national or local geographically-related organisations, for example the RGS-IBG or AGI? Where you have stated that you have given lectures, we should be told dates, subject, organisations, locations, outcomes and so on. However, not all of these activities are expected - these are just examples
  • For those without formal geographical training, is there evidence of, through professional experience, an appreciation of the scope and significance of a geographical perspective beyond the technical requirements of your work? For example, a GIS specialist should be able to evaluate the limitations, as well as the potential, of applying GIS analysis and modelling to complex social or environmental problems. Also, has there been any specifically geographical Continuing Professional Development (CPD) relevant to your work? How do you keep up with current geographically-relevant research, through attendance at courses or conferences, or the use of publications? Do you show clear evidence of involvement with a geographical or geographically-related community?
  • Applications that do not mention geography or Chartered Geographer are not accepted, and information about travel and hobbies is not appropriate


If you have a question about the Chartered Geographer accreditation, then you may find the answer among the Frequently asked questions.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the Professional Officer for impartial advice.

PSE statements (PDF)
Send email to
Professional Officer

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