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Regional Theatres Programme

The Regional Theatres Programme was established in 2002 to promote geography to the wider public across England and Wales.

From topical issues to people, places and cultures, as well as exploration, fieldwork and adventure there is something for everyone who is keen to discover more about the world in which we live. Not all speakers are well known, but they are all experts in their fields and offer a unique insight into our planet.

The subjects of recent talks include Tim Jarvis describing his authentic re-enactment of part of Shackleton's perilous 1916 Endurance expedition; an eye-opening tour of a hidden world of countries that don’t exist by acclaimed travel writer and TV presenter Nick Middleton; as well as TV presenter and archaeologist Mary-Ann Ochota on a spotter's guide to the hidden histories of the British landscape.

The Regional Theatres Programme continues across England and Wales in autumn 2017 with TV presenter and adventurer Benedict Allen on his dramatic return to Papua New Guinea in search of the elusive birds of paradise; and Fredi Devas and Chadden Hunter, producers of BBC Planet Earth II, take us behind the scenes of this ground-breaking documentary series.

Adventures in paradise by Benedict Allen

Image credit David Osborne

With his usual good humour and enthusiasm, Benedict Allen reveals the full story of his dramatic return to Papua New Guinea, as featured in an inspiring BBC Two series; Birds of paradise: the ultimate quest. Benedict travelled through the swamps and some of the most inhospitable terrain on the planet, with the distinguished BBC Security Correspondent Frank Gardner, in search of the island’s elusive birds of paradise.

Author, adventurer and film-maker, Benedict Allen is the only person known to have crossed the Amazon Basin at its widest, arguably no one alive has lived so long isolated and alone in so many potentially hostile remote environments. His ventures include the first documented journey of the length of the Namib Desert, and likewise he is the only person known to have crossed the full width of the Gobi with camels alone. His journeys are depicted in six BBC television series, and other ground-breaking series for National Geographic TV, The History Channel and Channel Five.

The land beyond: a thousand miles on foot through the heart of the middle East - Leon McCarron

In 2015 and 2016, Leon McCarron travelled on foot from Jerusalem to Mount Sinai. This lecture will explore the thoughts and stories of the people he met, which tell of the rich past, tense present and uncertain future of the region.


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