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Monday night lectures
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Monday night lectures

The Society's popular Monday night lecture series features renowned speakers discussing informative, educational and enlightening subjects.

The lectures are open to Fellows and members. On some occasions, Fellows and members are invited to bring one guest - please check the listings below or your Bulletin in advance.

  • Booking is not required to attend Monday night lectures
  • Seats are not reserved and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Please show your Society membership card on arrival
  • For lectures open to members plus one guest, please make every effort to arrive together as we are unable to admit unaccompanied non-members. Guests arriving separately should be met at the Exhibition Road entrance
  • Doors open at 5.30pm
  • Attendees are requested to take their seats in the Ondaatje Theatre by 6.20pm
  • Lectures begin at 6.30pm, and end by 7.45pm
  • The programme runs between late September and late May

RGS-IBG members can watch a selection of Monday night lectures online, by signing in to the members' area.

Coming up:

The Society's amazing film archive - Alasdair MacLeod and Professor Andrew Goudie

 Monday 25 September
 Members + one guest
 Pre-bookable supper follows this lecture

Introducing the Society's newly digitised film collection, and a deeper look at R.A. Bagnold's 1932 expedition – the first east-west crossing of the Libyan Desert as captured on film.

Desert exploration

 Monday 25 September 5.30pm-6.30pm; 7.45pm-9.00pm (available to view pre- and post- lecture)

Linked to the subject of this evening's lecture, this display showcases items from the Society's Collections linked to desert exploration and includes recently digitised film of the Libyan Desert by R.A. Bagnold.

Places: Free, open to lecture attendees

TAWAI: voices from the forest - Bruce Parry

 Monday 2 October
 Members only

BAFTA award winner Bruce talks about his four-year journey among indigenous peoples across the world – from Borneo to India and the Amazon - exploring their wisdom and inner feeling of connections to nature.  

Renewable energy from the ocean - Professor AbuBakr Bahaj

 Monday 9 October
 Members + one guest
 Pre-bookable supper follows this lecture

This talk explores the status of wave and tidal energy generation - where we are now and its potential for the future.

Brexit: causes and consequences - Professor Matthew Goodwin

 Monday 16 October
 Members + one guest

Professor Matthew Goodwin will examine the drivers of the vote for Brexit, what it tells us about public opinion and party politics in Britain and what might happen next.

Discovering Esmeralda - David Mearns

 Monday 23 October
 Members + one guest
 Pre-bookable supper follows this lecture

The fascinating story of discovering and excavating the ship wreck of the Esmeralda, from Vasco da Gama's 1502-1503 voyage, shedding new light on Portuguese maritime trade and warfare in the Indian Ocean.

The UK's missing people - Professor Hester Parr

 Monday 30 October
 Members + one guest
 Pre-bookable supper follows this lecture

Each year more than 300,000 people are reported as missing in the UK. Hester considers where missing people go, their experiences, and the complexities of what happens after they return.

Post truth? - Evan Davis

 Monday 6 November
 Members only

Straightforward honesty is rarely the default setting for political and business communication; Evan looks at the effect this has on the conduct of business and politics generally, and on the rise of populism in particular.

Affluence without abundance: the disappearing world of the Bushmen - James Suzman

 Monday 13 November
 Members + one guest

A vibrant portrait of the “original affluent society”--the Bushmen of southern Africa--by the anthropologist who has spent much of the last twenty-five years documenting their encounter with modernity.

Where the animals go - Dr James Cheshire

 Monday 20 November
 Members + one guest
 Pre-bookable supper follows this lecture

From seals mapping the sea to baboons making decisions, and from birds dodging tornadoes to jaguars taking selfies. James charts the animal tracking revolution through a series of beautiful maps and graphics.          

Congo's hidden peatlands - Professor Simon Lewis

 Monday 27 November
 Members + one guest

Beneath the swamp forests of the central Congo Basin lies an area of peat larger than England. Simon describes his recent discovery of these vast peatlands, revealing their vital role within our changing global environment.

A golden age of cave exploration - Andy Eavis, Tony Waltham, Tim Atkinson and Hazel Barton

 Monday 4 December
 Members + one guest
 Pre-bookable supper follows this lecture
Andy and his colleagues will celebrate 50 years of British cave exploration and show how underground exploring is contributing to cutting edge science.      

Istanbul: a tale of three cities - Bettany Hughes

 Monday 11 December
 Members only

Istanbul has always been a place where stories and histories collide and crackle. Bettany provides a dazzling historical journey through the many incarnations of one of the world's greatest cities.              

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