Featured image: Damion Griffiths

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Chartered Geographer application accelerator

[Online] If you are already eligible for Chartered Geographer but haven't found the time to complete your application, join our four-week accelerator to focus your efforts in preparing your application portfolio.

Sidmouth Science Festival

[In-person] South West committee members will be providing an interactive computer game for children, and presenting a talk on the Bodmin Moor walk.

Eco-anxiety: climate change’s toll on our mental health

[Online and in-person] Find out how the fight to save our planet could also improve our individual and collective wellbeing in this session exploring our emotional response to the climate crisis.

New to teaching geography, earth and environmental sciences

[Online] Join us for a series of four lunchtime workshops providing a practical guide for HE teaching assistants, teaching fellows and demonstrators who are new to teaching geography, earth and environmental sciences.