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Building, health, hope and happiness through the power of nature - Tom Brown

[Online] Tom will outline the methods used by Green Light Trust to have such lasting effects on the lives of the people they support. During the talk, you will hear from the people the trust supports and learn about its novel approach to measuring its impact.

Romantic ruins, poisonous past - Vivienne Crow

Whilst Gunnerside Gill looks idyllic, it’s not always been so peaceful. Explore the lead mining history, the poisonous processes, and look at the legacy left behind by this once-deadly industry.

Ofsted’s approach to evaluating subject-level curriculum at primary level

[Online] Following the publication of the Geography Research Review by Ofsted over the Summer, Iain Freeland, HMI at Ofsted, joins us to explore key features that subject leaders and teachers may want to take into account when reviewing their geography curriculum.

Educational Visits Coordinator update workshop

This course gives trained EVCs the opportunity to revalidate while looking at current issues and sharing good practice.