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By Endurance we conquer: applying Shackleton's leadership lessons to the climate crisis - Tim Jarvis

[In-person and online] Through lessons learned retracing Shackleton’s 1916 Antarctic survival journey, Tim shares observations on environmental change and how Shackletonian leadership principles can be used to tackle climate change today.

RGS-IBG fieldwork grants for undergraduates

[Online] Join our webinar on grants for undergraduate student fieldwork to learn more about how the Society can support your research.

Monday night lecture supper

[In-person] Stay for supper at the Society after Dr Samuel Derbyshire and Dr Isla Myers-Smith's lecture and meet other members and their guests.

Recording the first Everest expeditions

[Online and in-person] The centenary of the first Everest expeditions gives us an opportunity to reflect on the role of local knowledge and resources that facilitated the climbs and how the expeditions were documented and recorded.