Featured image: Rupert Sagar-Musgrave

Younger Members’ Committee events

Children’s lecture: It’s not about the view - Tori James

[Online and in-person] Have you ever wondered what it is like to stand on the summit of Mount Everest? What does it take to get to the top? 

December Associate Fellow online meetup

[Online] Join our monthly networking event for Associate Fellows, putting you in touch with early career professionals from across the world of geography.

Limits to rewilding? - Andy Lester

[Online] Andy Lester explores the nation's fascination with rewilding and asks the question does it have limits and if so can those limits be overcome?


World-friendly travel: what does it mean to travel sustainably in 2023? - Sally Davey

[In-person and Online] The CEO of Travalyst, Prince Harry’s sustainable travel initiative, depicts how some of the world’s biggest brands are working together to help travellers make better choices when they are booking trips.

Take a look at our previous microlectures

Trading with the Dragon - Gillian Miller

[In-person] Gill questions whether China is investing in Africa for altruistic reasons or to secure resources and influence.

Stay Home Stories: mapping home

As part of the Stay Home Stories research project, children and young people have been creating maps which record their experiences of home during COVID-19.

Feeding a growing population from finite resources is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. Peter explores how we can achieve more sustainable and healthy systems of food production and consumption.

Can the UK ever be sustainable?

Our way of life is placing an increasing burden on the planet, but how realistic are visions of a sustainable future?