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Project UKFall: Retrieving meteorites and why it's important - Dr Luke Daly

[Online] Discover how projects like UKFall are tracking fireballs to recover meteorites, providing new insights into our solar system's history.

The state of nature – and why should we even care? - Dr Mark Wright

[Online] In this Covid-19 world there has been a renewed interest in looking at our relationship with nature. This talk will explore what is the real state of nature and what underpins the significant changes we are seeing. Mark Wright is the Director of Science at WWF-UK.

Ten maps that reveal the future of global power and politics - Tim Marshall

[Online] If you want to understand what’s happening in the world, look at a map. Tim Marshall shows us the power of geography and takes us into ten regions that are set to shape global politics and power. 

Building and deploying low-cost DIY field sensors and loggers for research & teaching: field course

A one-day field course in the Thames Estuary where you will be able to use a range of kit (built by us) for monitoring in the real world (mudflats, salmarsh, hillslope and woodland). We will also take the opportunity for a walk and talk to find out more about the environment, development, conservation, geomorphology, and history of the area.