Climate change challenges: lessons from Bangladesh

Join our panel during London Climate Action Week as they share their insights into how Bangladesh is now on the path to becoming climate resilient, the lessons that can be learned from this and where things are headed. Image credit: Tasfiq Mahmood

Responsible travel

Join our panel of experts as they discuss the various approaches you can take and answer the question: what does it mean to travel well?

Rewilding in Nidderdale and the uplands – Paul Howard

Join us for a Question Time-style panel discussion involving academics, local landowners and farmers, as well as representatives from the RSPB and the Yorkshire Peat Partnership to discuss rewilding in Nidderdale and beyond.

Defining Europe: Eurovision in the era of Brexit

Beyond raising questions about identity, statehood, and national boundaries, can Eurovision offer us a new understanding of what it means to be ‘in Europe’?