What can I do?

[Online] Join our panel during London Climate Action Week to discuss the role individual behaviour change can play in reducing our emissions from food, housing and transport.

Keeping it local

[Online] Our contributors have gone off the beaten track in Britian and will share with you their guide on where and when to go, sharing ideas around how we can all travel and live a little more sustainably.

The Nightingale: book club

[Online] Join us for an informal discussion as we delve into this new book which reveals in beautiful detail the bird's song, habitat, characteristics and migration patterns, as well as the environmental issues that threaten its livelihood.

Powering our future

[Online] Demand for energy and its production are changing on an epic scale. Join our panel to discuss this trend and what further changes we can expect.

The roaring 20s?

[Online]  Are we heading towards a post-pandemic boom period? We will ask our panel what global recovery strategies should be deployed and whether the pandemic has increased the appetite for global action.

The Nightingale: Sam Lee in conversation with Patrick Barkham

[Online] Come to the forest, sit by the fireside and listen to an intoxicating song, as award-winning singer Sam Lee and writer Patrick Barkham tell the story of the nightingale.