Wilderness festival

The Society has curated a programme of talks that take you to places across the world from Cornbury Park.

Sustainable urban transport

[Cancelled] The panel will discuss the twin imperatives to tackle urban air quality and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in our urban areas.  

Climate change and you

[Cancelled] Join our panel during London Climate Action Week to discuss the risks to the UK of a world that’s three degrees warmer.

Nature writing book club: Dancing with bees

[Cancelled] Join us as we discuss Brigit Strawbridge Howard's passionate dive into the world of bees of all stripes.  

Forbidden travel

[Cancelled] Join us for an evening of armchair travel as we transport ourselves to unusual destinations that are now off limits to tourists.

Geographical lates: 200 years of Antarctic exploration

[Cancelled] Join us for the evening to learn more about Antarctica’s unique geopolitical situation.

The killer question

[Cancelled] Join a panel of experts to discuss our understanding of outbreaks such as influenza, Ebola, Zika and Covid-19, and the role geographers play in preparing for pandemics.