Off-site safety management - training the trainers

A one-day course for trainers with relevant previous experience in managing a wide range of visits in the UK and overseas who wish to deliver the off-site safety management course to their own groups.

EVC update workshop - November 2020

This course gives trained EVC’s at all schools the opportunity to look into current material in more depth and share good practice with EVCs.

Educational Visits Coordinator Training

Essential training for new EVCs responsible for the policies and practice around risk management for out-of-school visits.

Off-site safety management

A must for those involved in planned visits in the UK or overseas, this course looks at the safety management issues involved in planning, managing and evaluating local visits, fieldtrips, residentials and exchanges.

Spatial Data Science Conference

Now in its fourth year, the Spatial Data Science Conference is the leading event bringing together Data Scientists and Developers who specialize in working with spatial data.

Ofsted Deep Dives into Geography

Hear first hand from colleagues about their experiences of an Ofsted Deep Dive into Geography. You will have a chance to hear about what the Deep Dive can involve, and ask questions to colleagues who have been through the process.

Geography and History - together stronger, but separate…

[Cancelled] Run in conjunction with the Historical Association, this participatory day course will support you in planning primary History and Geography in ways that strengthen links between the subjects and amplify learning.

Year 12 going places with geography

[Cancelled] A day of informative sessions for Year 12 pupils who are considering geography as a career option to find out more about where studying geography can lead.

The Great Exhibition Road Festival

[Cancelled] The Great Exhibition Road Festival returns for a celebration of curiosity, discovery and exploration.

Climate change and you

[Cancelled] Join our panel during London Climate Action Week to discuss the risks to the UK of a world that’s three degrees warmer.

'FT for schools' online talk and workshop for teachers

The Society and the Financial Times are offering geography teachers the opportunity to find out more about the FT for schools programme.

Expedition medicine training

[Cancelled] A two-day course for those departing on expeditions to remote parts of the world where medical help is not readily available.

Digimap for Schools for the primary geography curriculum

[Cancelled] Why is Digimap for Schools the perfect tool for delivering your primary geography curriculum? During our session we want to cover as many elements of the primary geography National Curriculum as possible.

Summer garden party

[Cancelled] A reception and dinner will be followed by live music and dancing.

Why this, why now? Thoughtful curriculum development in KS3 Geography and History

[Cancelled] An in depth look at the Key Stage Three curriculum for History and Geography, thinking about what you’re teaching, when you’re teaching it and why.

Earth photo

[Cancelled] A shortlist of 50 exceptional photographs and four films that document the Earth in all its diversity.

MOVE – Management of Visit Emergencies 2020

[Cancelled] This half-day, scenario-based course is for school EVCs and senior management. It is intended to meet the needs of staff who may have a role to play during a visit emergency.

Online conference - Fieldwork and Independent Investigation with ArcGIS Online

This online conference will focus on the use of ArcGIS for fieldwork and the A Level Independent Investigation. It is run in partnership with Esri UK and will be led by their education team.

Be Inspired: Always ready for an expedition - Natalie Cox

[Cancelled] This talk recounts the extraordinary life of explorer Richard Burton, 1821-1890, as we celebrate his bicentenary.

Annual reception

[Cancelled] Join us to celebrate another sucessful year for the Society.

Nature writing book club: Dancing with bees

[Cancelled] Join us as we discuss Brigit Strawbridge Howard's passionate dive into the world of bees of all stripes.  

Forbidden travel

[Cancelled] Join us for an evening of armchair travel as we transport ourselves to unusual destinations that are now off limits to tourists.

Year 12 geography at university

[Cancelled] These events provide sixth form students with the experience to bridge the gap between school and university and explore what studying geography at university level is like.

Chartered Geographer networking event

[Cancelled] A networking evening for all Chartered Geographers, and other professionals using geography in the workplace.

Digital transformation through geography and GIS - Adrian Friend CGeog (GIS)

[Cancelled] An exploration of the transformative power of geography to unlock huge potential in public and private organisations across the UK, realising the potential of geospatial data for the UK economy.

Monday night supper - 18 May 2020

[Cancelled] Stay for supper at the Society after Digital transformation through geography and GIS, a lecture given by Adrian Friend CGeog(GIS), and meet other members and their guests.

Geographical lates: 200 years of Antarctic exploration

[Cancelled] Join us for the evening to learn more about Antarctica’s unique geopolitical situation.

Spatial Data Science Conference

[Postponed until 23 September] Now in its fourth year, the Spatial Data Science Conference is the leading event bringing together Data Scientists and Developers who specialize in working with spatial data.

Off-site safety management

[Cancelled] A must for those involved in planned visits in the UK or overseas, this course looks at the safety management issues involved in planning, managing and evaluating local visits, fieldtrips, residentials and exchanges.

No place like home - Professor Joe Smith

[Cancelled] Humanity’s tenure on Earth has had very far-reaching consequences. Joe charts the past, present and future of environmental ideas and actions to help find a way through these difficult times.

Thin Ice - Tim Jarvis

[Cancelled] Having retraced Shackleton’s 1916 survival journey, Tim explains how South Georgia’s glacial melt over the past 100 years has confirmed the importance of Shackletonian leadership in tackling climate change and given rise to his VR project ‘Thin Ice’.

Monday night supper- 4 May 2020

[Cancelled] Stay for supper at the Society after Thin Ice, a lecture given by Tim Jarvis, and meet other members and their guests.

Be Inspired: Woman with the Iceberg Eyes - Katherine Macinnes

[Cancelled] Woman with the iceberg eyes traces the fascinating story of an Edwardian lady for whom Oriana Ridge, Antarctica, is named.

Communities, conservation and sustainable travel in Africa - Sue Watt

[Cancelled] An award winning travel writer specialising in Africa,  takes us on a journey across the continent’s sub-Saharan regions to show how vital sustainable tourism can be for the people and wildlife of these countries.

Nature and the City: Tackling the climate crisis

[Cancelled] Join our expert panel for a quick-fire debate about where we should concentrate our efforts and the impact that nature-based solutions can have to climate-proof our cities.

Using Earth Observation data in your teaching

[Cancelled] This session is aimed at teachers who are interested in using Earth Observation data in the classroom.

Out of thin air

[Postponed until April 2021] Exhibition of new mountainscapes of Nepal and India with archival exhibition of photographs from the Society’s Collections.

Out of Thin Air film screening

[Postponed until April 2021] Private view of exhibition and first screening of Out of Thin Air documentary film by Jack Hextall.

Tackling the climate and housing crises through community-led living - Professor Paul Chatterton

[Cancelled] The co-founder of Low Impact Living Affordable Community (Lilac) reflects on life with over fifty neighbours over six years, where residents experiment with living in an affordable, co-operative home ownership community made from straw and wood.

Be Inspired: Building climate resilience from past experiences - Neil MacDonald

[Cancelled] Historical records provide valuable information detailing how past communities have responded and adapted to extreme weather events, which can inform future responses.

The killer question

[Cancelled] Join a panel of experts to discuss our understanding of outbreaks such as influenza, Ebola, Zika and Covid-19, and the role geographers play in preparing for pandemics.

Building and deploying DIY web-connected field sensors and data loggers

[Postponed] Led by Dr Mark Mulligan from King’s College London, this full day workshop covers how to design, build and code your own DIY sensors and data loggers. Whether you want to monitor rivers, climate, soil, biodiversity, people or whatever you can think of, this is the event for you.

What the traveller saw: the photographs of Eric Newby

[Closed] This exhibition displays a selection of stunning photographs from Newby’s travels. Extended until 14 April 2020.