Geographical journeys: microlectures

An evening packed with tales of adventure and discovery to entertain and inspire.

From city to sea: microplastics in UK rivers - Professor Jamie Woodward

Research on microplastics has largely focused on the oceans, but what is the contribution from our rivers? 

Monday night supper - 9 December 2019

Stay for supper at the Society after Professor Jamie Woodward's lecture, 'From city to sea: microplastics in UK rivers', and meet other members and their guests.

Our Planet children's lecture

Join us for the Society’s annual Children’s lecture!

EVC update workshop- December

This course gives EVCs at all schools the opportunity to look into current material in more depth and share good practice with other EVCs.

Educational visits coordinator training

A full day workshop that supports Educational Visits Coordinators (EVCs) in their roles by covering the legal and practical procedures required of their position.

Christmas quiz

Come one and all to test your general and geographical knowledge at a festive quiz!

Off-site safety management

A must for those involved in planned visits in the UK or overseas, this course looks at the safety management issues involved in planning, managing and evaluating local visits, fieldtrips, residentials and exchanges.

The Crossing: a photographic meditation on the Atlantic Ocean - Marissa Roth

Between 2015 - 2019, award winning photographer Marissa Roth made seven transatlantic crossings on the Queen Mary II, resulting in a poetic photographic study of what it means to cross an ocean. 

Monday night supper - 2 December 2019

Stay for supper at the Society after Marissa Roth's lecture, 'The Crossing: a photographic meditation on the Atlantic Ocean', and meet other members and their guests.

Geographical lates: COP25 climate talks

Get face-to-face with experts through our talks, debates, panel discussions and roundtables, and embrace some Chilean culture.

Monks, Hermits and the Natural World: 300 – 650AD - Robin Lane Fox

This lecture explores the relations of early Christian holy men and hermits, often linked to monasteries including St Catherine’s of Sinai, with the natural world of animals, birds, landscapes and plants.

Fourth annual geography teaching forum

This forum will provide a timely opportunity for those involved in geography teaching and development to come together to discuss the latest challenges facing the sector and the opportunities available to support the learning and development of young people interested in geography.

The Better Timber Buildings conference

The Better Timber Buildings conference empowers architects, engineers, suppliers and clients to design and build better timber buildings.

Digital geographies - Professor Mark Graham

Far from being a space de-tethered from the material world, the internet has a very real geography. Mark explores why digital geographies matter, and how we can build more equitable digital futures. 

School Member Lecture: Gentrification: London and beyond - Professor Loretta Lees

Loretta's research focuses on the challenges of gentrification, including the displacement of people as a result of council estate renewal and the impact that gentrification can have on people. Is regeneration urban renewal or social cleansing?

A Traveller’s Life: Eric Newby

A first opportunity to see original archive material, photographs and artefacts from the Society’s newly accessioned Eric Newby Collection.

GIS Day in partnership with Esri UK

Join us for GIS Day 2019, in partnership with Esri UK. School groups will be shown how they can use ArcGIS in the classroom. 

Secondary Geography Teachmeet

An informal opportunity for geography teachers to share experiences and resources, and hear exciting and usable ideas from colleagues from a variety of schools.

GIS Day in partnership with Esri UK

Join us for GIS Day 2019, in partnership with Esri UK. School groups will be shown how they can use ArcGIS in the classroom. 

The discovery of Antarctica and Antarctica today - Dame Jane Francis, Jane Rumble and Camilla Nichol

Marking 200 years since the discovery of land in Antarctica three speakers will consider Antarctica’s history and its unique status as a continent reserved for peace and science.

Monday night supper - 18 November 2019

Stay for supper at the Society after Dame Jane Francis', Jane Rumble's and Camilla Nichol's lecture, 'The discovery of Antarctica and Antarctica today', and meet other members and their guests.

The Source 2: inspiration, creativity and the big idea

A variety of speakers will share their approaches to creativity, offering a rare insight into how they nurture and culture imagination, how they recognise a potentially successful idea and convert it into reality.

Portraits of No Man’s Land - Dr Alasdair Pinkerton, Dr Noam Lesham and Elliot Graves

No man’s lands are proliferating in today's turbulent world. Using digital archives and immersive technology, Alasdair, Noam and Elliot explore the stories of places that remain locked behind barbed wire and minefields.

Explore 2019: the expedition and fieldwork seminar

Explore is the starting point for many innovative field research projects and expeditions. Over 100 contributors will give lectures, run workshops and showcase exhibits, providing inspiration, contacts and practical advice.

Pre-Explore evening lecture

The pre-Explore lecture is held annually in memory of Peter Smith, a long-standing supporter and former trustee of the Society.

Everest on film

Join us for an evening which celebrates the films and film-makers who brought us the first dramatic moving images of Mount Everest.

A journey through Ethiopia

Hear our experts discuss the country’s history, culture and landscapes. 

Geography in action: the charities using geography to change lives on the ground

"Everything happens somewhere" will be brought to life in this illustrated conversation demonstrating the power of geography to save and transform lives, working through such charities as MapAction and Addressing the Unaddressed. 

Be Inspired: The Royal Geographical Society explorer’s watches

From the Arctic to the Antarctic via the Sahara and the Central Lakes of Africa, these watches were used by almost all the well-known explorers of the period including Joseph Thomson, Ernest Shackleton and Col. P Fawcett.

Galapagos Day: threats to endangered birds and reptiles

Join Galapagos Conservation Trust for an evening exploring the threats affecting some of the Galapagos Islands’ most endangered and iconic birds and reptiles. Hosted by renowned wildlife expert Mark Carwardine.


Mandalas and Sacred Geography in Tibet - Ian Baker

An exploration into the close relationship between the land of Tibet and the sacred realms of Buddhist mandalas. Searching for an environmental paradise where geography, imagination and spirituality are intertwined.

African realities - Zeinab Badawi and Dr Nick Wescott

International broadcaster Zeinab Badawi and Nick Westcott of the Royal African Society explore how we need to look in unexpected places to discover Africa's contemporary reality.

Be Inspired: Africa at the crossroads: from Maputo to Mogadishu

Our speakers consider how reframing and re-contextualising post-colonial histories through photography and archival activation may promote remembering, dialogue and reconciliation in East Africa.

The city of tomorrow

Join our panel to examine and discuss alternative visions of urban futures. 

TIBET: Sacred landscapes by Tashi Lhunpo Monks - David Spicer, Sarah Sturdy, Georgina Cranston & Kelkhang Rinpoche

Meander through images of this sacred landscape to arrive at the heart of the exhibition where Tibetan monks from Tashi Lhunpo Monastery create a Sand Mandala throughout the week.

The Flora of the Sultanate of Oman

Oman Botanic Garden scientists describe their fieldwork to explore the country's diverse habitats to complete the flora of the Sultanate of Oman, using pioneering horticultural methods to establish the new Garden. Chaired by Nigel Winser.

First Descent - Dr Lucy Woodall, Sheena Talma and Oliver Steeds

The Nekton team reveal the discoveries from ‘First Descent: Seychelles’ in their bid to help conserve 30% of the Seychelles' vast ocean territory.

Monday night supper - 21 October 2019

Stay for supper at the Society after Dr. Lucy Woodall's, Sheena Talma's and Oliver Steeds' lecture, 'First Descent: Exploring and conserving Seychelles’ ocean', and meet other members and their guests.

Be Inspired: The spell of far Arabia - Alexander Maitland

Alexander tells the fascinating story of Wilfred Thesiger’s classic book, and the inspirations and preparations for Thesiger’s exploration of the Empty Quarter and surrounding deserts.

Collections film evening

View a selection of short films from our globe-spanning collection showcasing a unique record of 20th-century life on Earth, includes Q+A.

Remembering Lions Launch

Launch of the 4th book in the phenomenally successful Remembering Wildlife charity book series - Remembering Lions

13th London Surgical Symposium

Medical professionals are invited to a free day of education with talks and debates by international experts in surgical innovation.

Our world from above: the story of aerial photography - Eamonn McCabe and Gemma Padley

Photographer Eamonn McCabe and writer Gemma Padley discuss how aerial photography has been used as a tool to record and study our changing world.

The Boy from the Wild

A showcase of the documentary film The Boy from the Wild.

Isaac Newton and The Haven-Finding Art - Professor Simon Schaffer

Join us for the annual E.G.R. Taylor lecture by Professor Simon Schaffer. 

EGR Taylor supper

Stay for supper at the Society after Professor Simon Schaffer's lecture.

Power geometries and prioritizing place in climate change migration - Dr Helen Adams

Emotional bonds to place are an important explanation of why people remain in situ under negative climate change impacts. 

Kings of the Yukon - Adam Weymouth

Adam Weymouth tells the story of canoeing 2,000 miles down the Yukon River, investigating how the king salmon's decline is impacting on the many communities and ecosystems that depend on it for survival.

Be Inspired: Bloody ivory: artistic endeavour to endangered species

David Hogg demonstrates how the investigation of an ivory casket, held at the V&A, leads to fundamental questions on the ivory trade and the future of African and Asian elephants. 

BS 8848 Compliance workshop

British Standard 8848 specifies operational requirements for providers of overseas ventures. This workshop will assist those using the standard to benchmark existing safety management systems within their own organisations.

Wanderlust World Guide Awards 2019

Celebrate the unsung heroes of the travel world - tour leaders and guides - at this life-affirming event which honours guides from around the globe.

Ascending Afghanistan - Hanifa Yousoufi, Marina LeGree, and Sandro Gromen-Hayes

Hanifa and Marina share Hanifa's journey to become the first Afghan woman to summit Mt Noshaq (24,580'), and explore what it takes to be a female mountaineer in Afghanistan. 

Monday night supper - 30 September 2019

Stay for supper at the Society after Hanifa Yousoufi's, Marina LeGree's and Sandro Gromen-Hayes' lecture, 'Ascending Afghanistan', and meet other members and their guests.

Explorer-humanitarians of the Amazon - Dr John Hemming

The Brazilian Villas Boas brothers, RGS gold-medallists for remarkable explorations, used their fame to champion indigenous peoples, change attitudes to them, and protect their rainforests.

Tusk Lecture - Securing the future of Africa's lions

A compelling talk revealing how an innovative conservation alliance is strengthening communities, empowering women, and helping secure Africa's wild lion populations.

An evening with Dee Caffari MBE

A Scientific Exploration Society charity event with Dee Caffari MBE including pre-talk drinks, talk, Q&A and raffle. Keynote speech by Dee Caffari MBE and introduced by Neil Laughton (SES Chairman).

Expedition & wilderness medicine: an introduction

A workshop for health care professionals who wish to practice expedition or wilderness medicine. Open to all medical professionals, doctors, nurses and early career wilderness medics.

Subject knowledge update: Borders, Brexit and Trump

Dr Simon Oakes will present a workshop for A Level teachers.

On View: The Wilderness Collective exhibition: an artist’s impression

Luke M Walker explains the creative process behind his work, illustrated by his preparatory sketches and inspirational items from the Collections.

Voices for the Wild: A celebration of nature’s value to the human spirit

An evening in aid of the Wilderness Foundation UK, sharing the power of nature through stories of adventure and the wild, and transformation through wilderness, from well-known explorers, young people, and nature lovers.

KCWC Meetings at RGS-IBG

KCWC is a leading international Women's Club. Further meetings take place on 3 October and 6 November.


Landlines is an art exhibition curated by, and showcasing artists from, The Wilderness Art Collective, a non-profit group of creatives, artists, explorers and environmentalists whose work discusses the natural world.

Photo credit: Eva Ullrich 

Geocomputation with R – free workshop and reproducible map competition

This event, sponsored by the Quantitative Methods Research Group and led by Dr. Robin Lovelace, will bring together data, maps and (soon-to-be) R enthusiasts to learn a bit more about Robin's latest book, “Geocomputation in R”. The only things you need to bring are your laptop and a positive attitude to learn!

Assessment literacy and academic standards in geography

A practical workshop exploring assessment and feedback literacy and academic standards in geography.

Annual International Conference 2019

The perfect opportunity to find out about the latest geographical research while networking with over 1,800 delegates from around the world.

Earth Photo

A shortlist of 50 exceptional photographs and four films that document the Earth in all its diversity, focussing on four themes - people, nature, place and changing forests.