A new Arctic in the making – Professor Klaus Dodds

The Arctic is changing. But how and where is it changing, and why does it matter to those who call it home and those who don't?

Monday night supper - 25 March 2019

Stay for supper at the Society after Professor Klaus Dodd's lecture, A new Arctic in the making.

River of life, river of death: the Ganges under threat - Victor Mallet

Victor tells the story of the sacred river and explains how the fate of the world's most important waterway has
lessons for all the great rivers of our planet.

An uphill battle - Theresa Breuer and Hanifa Yousoufi

Hanifa and Theresa recount the events that led to the first female Afghan ascent of Mt Noshaq, Afghanistan's highest peak, overcoming multiple political, cultural and environmental challenges.

Monday night supper

Stay for supper at the Society after Theresa Breuer and Hanifa Yousoufi's lecture An uphill battle 

The map tour – Hugh Thomson

Maps can be beautiful, iconic and influential. Hugh draws on the Society's unparalleled collection to show how they have lured travellers to places from the 1600s to the present day.

Monday night supper - 25 February 2019

Stay for supper at the Society after Hugh Thompson's lecture The map tour 

A new Arctic in the making - Professor Klaus Dodds

In advance of his Monday night lecture in London, Klaus discusses how and where the Arctic is changing and why it matters to those who call it home and those who don’t.

The immeasurable world: journeys in desert places – William Atkins

William recounts his experiences of some of the world's driest places, from the borderlands of the USA to the sacred deserts of Egypt's Desert Fathers.

Natural justice – Professor Lorna Dawson

This lecture explores the many ways that the natural environment can deliver to the criminal justice system. 

Chasing fire - Dr Thomas Smith

Through sharing his experiences of chasing wildfires accross four continents, Thomas will explore the science of 'pyrogeography' and what it can tell us about the drivers and impacts of environmental change. 

Creating a 'master map' of the UK: a route to a better future? - Miranda Sharp

Miranda explores how powerful information about location can be used to build a system of smarter infrastructure to help the UK economy and society to thrive.