Annual reception

Join us to celebrate another sucessful year for the Society.

A new Arctic in the making – Professor Klaus Dodds

The Arctic is changing. But how and where is it changing, and why does it matter to those who call it home and those who don't?

Monday night supper - 25 March 2019

Stay for supper at the Society after Professor Klaus Dodd's lecture, A new Arctic in the making.

River of life, river of death: the Ganges under threat - Victor Mallet

Victor tells the story of the sacred river and explains how the fate of the world's most important waterway has
lessons for all the great rivers of our planet.

Divided: Why we're living in an age of walls - Tim Marshall

Bestselling author Tim Marshall delves into our past and our present to reveal the fault lines that will shape our world for years to come.

The map tour – Hugh Thomson

Maps can be beautiful, iconic and influential. Hugh draws on the Society's unparalleled collection to show how they have lured travellers to places from the 1600s to the present day.

Monday night supper – 25 February 2019

Stay for supper at the Society after Hugh Thompson's lecture The map tour