Clough Head and Wainwright - Tim Foster

Join Tim Foster and the Wainwright Society for this ascent and circuit of Clough Head,

Reaching for the Poles: from Phipps to Fiennes - Eugene Rae

Archivist Eugene Rae selects unique polar artefacts from the RGS-IBG Collections. 

Brantwood fluttery event - Martin Tordoff

Examine the light traps of Brantwood for an interesting array of summer moth species.

Guided butterfly walk

Guided butterfly walk covering a range of habitats in the Brantwood gardens.

The Rochdale Nine - Mike Redfern

[Cancelled] A 1.5 mile guided walk through Manchester along the Rochdale Canal from Piccadilly to Castlefield, discovering the history, the architecture and the personalities of the world’s first industrial city.

It's the end of the world as we know it - Matt Winning

[Cancelled] A comedy lecture about how we cope with climate change and what we can do about it, from the environmental researcher and comedian, Dr Matt Winning.

What makes a 'successful rural community'? - David Jackman

This is an interactive workshop, part of a BSI study into how communities can be strengthened or re-built.

Mountain rescues from history

Revisit dramatic mountain rescues from the UK and abroad from the historic collections of the Mountain Heritage Trust. 

Sitopia: the hidden power of food - Carolyn Steel

[Cancelled] Food shapes our lives and the hidden costs of cheap industrial food are destroying us and our planet; yet by valuing food again, we can harness its power to create a better world.

Where the animals go - Dr James Cheshire

[Cancelled] James Cheshire talks through the fascinating stories of animal behaviour, bringing broad perspective and intimate detail to our understanding of the animal kingdom.

Africa's forgotten frontiers: the Sahel - Reza Pakravan

[Cancelled] Taking the audience on a breathtaking journey across the continent, filmmaker Reza Pakravan will share stories of the tense frontiers, enduring traditions and ordinary people living where climate change has hit the hardest: the Sahel.

Unearthing hidden secrets from the ocean mud - Dr Fabienne Marret-Davies

[Cancelled] Looking into the past helps us understand our current and future situation. The talk will focus on how well-preserved palaeoceanographic indicators have helped to refine understanding of past climates, including resolving the Noah’s flood debate.

John Ruskin and the geology of the hills

[Cancelled] Exhibition about John Ruskin and the geology of the hills, displayed in the Blue Gallery.

Everest: a reconnaissance

[Closed] An exhibition of the first platinum prints to be created from the original 1921 negatives housed at the Society, including photographs by George Mallory. 

Earth Photo

A shortlist of 50 exceptional photographs and films that document the Earth in all its diversity. Developed jointly by Forestry England and the Society.