Professor Aileen Stockdale

Aileen Stockdale was a Professor at the School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen’s University Belfast and a leading researcher in internal migration and rural communities. She was a long standing Fellow of the Society.

Dr Ian Wilson (1943 – 2020)

Dr Ian Wilson was a founder and chairman of Wexas Travel.

Rodney David Pickard (1942 - 2020)

David Pickard was a chartered surveyor, a keen alpine walker and Fellow of the Society for thirty years.

Michael Jones

Michael Jones was a former Chief Technology Advocate at Google, best known for his pioneering work on Google Earth, and received the Society’s Patron’s medal in 2020.

Hugh Brammer OBE (1925 - 2021)

Hugh Brammer worked for over 60 years as a soil scientist and agricultural advisor, becoming the foremost authority on the soils and agro-ecology of Bangladesh. He received the Society's Busk Medal in 2006.

Douglas Scott CBE (1941 - 2020)

Doug Scott was a world-renowned mountaineer. He was the first Englishman to stand on the summit of Everest and received the Society’s Patron’s medal in 1999.

Ken Gregory CBE (1938 - 2020)

Ken Gregory was a world-leading physical geographer, geomorphologist, and Honorary Fellow of the Society.

Jan Morris (1926 - 2020)

Jan Morris was a world-renowned travel writer and a major journalist for over fifty years.

Josie Jolley (1995 - 2020)

Josie Jolley was one of the brightest and most talented postgraduates at the University of Sussex, and winner of the MacQuitty prize.

Professor Peter Fookes

Professor Peter Fookes is widely recognized as one of the founders of modern British engineering geology, and was an Honorary Fellow of the Society for nearly 20 years. 

Brian Black (1943 – 2020)

Brian Black was a renowned environmental journalist, Arctic sailor and former UTV presenter. 

Ron Johnston (1941 – 2020)

Ron Johnston was a world-leading political geographer, President of the Institute of British Geographers in 1991 and two-time Society medal award winner.

Professor Brian Robson OBE (1939 – 2020)

Brian Robson was a world-leading urban geographer, Editor of both Area and the Transactions of British Geographers, and recipient of the Founder’s Medal.

Dr David Hilling (1935-2020)

Dr David Hilling was a long-standing Fellow and faithful supporter of the Geographical Club. He was a renowned lecturer and was appointed an MBE for his services to Inland Waterways. 

Bryan Waites (1931 - 2020)

Bryan Waites was a geography lecturer and author of many books on human geography and local history. He was a Fellow of the Society for over 60 years.

Professor Robin Flowerdew (1947-2020)

Professor Robin Flowerdew was a distinguished social geographer, and played a key role in several of the Society’s Research Groups and committees.

Professor Peter Furley (1935-2020)

Professor Peter Furley was a world leader in the study of forest systems, and was a Fellow of the Society for over 25 years.

Professor Cuchlaine King (1922 – 2020)

Professor Cuchlaine King was a world-leading geomorphologist and Life Fellow of the Society.

Professor Sylvia Chant (1958-2019)

Professor Sylvia Chant was a globally renowned feminist geographer, who shaped the field of international development.

David Bellamy (1933 - 2019)

Professor David Bellamy OBE was a broadcaster and botanist, and a Fellow of the Society for over 30 years.

Joanna Lowis (1942-2019)

Joanna Lowis was Secretary of the Society’s South Region Committee. She served in a range of international roles for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  

Professor Michael Bradford (1944–2019)

Professor Michael Bradford was head of the geography department at the University of Manchester and an inspiring teacher. He promoted the teaching of geography on a wide scale, and was president of the Geographical Association. 

Professor Claire Dwyer (1964 - 2019)

Professor Claire Dwyer was a senior lecturer in geography at UCL. She made significant contributions to many fields in social geography, particularly those related to feminism and religion.

Professor Ronan Paddison (1945 - 2019)

Professor Ronan Paddison was Head of Department at the University of Glasgow, with a passion for urban geography.  He helped found the journals Urban Studies and Space and Polity. 

Professor John Cooke (1927-2019)

Professor Harold John Cooke FRGS, pursued a successful career in geographic academia, and set up the Department of Environmental Science at the new Botswana campus of the University of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland in 1971. 

Dr David Pratt CBE (1924-2019)

Dr David Pratt was an engineer who was a key figure on the Society’s Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-1958 and was among the first men ashore on D-Day.

Professor David Lowenthal (1923–2018)

Professor Lowenthal was awarded the Victoria Medal (1997). He researched and taught on history, historical geography, conservation and heritage.

Diana Rowley (née Crowfoot) (1918–2018)

Diana Rowley served as assistant editor of the Geographical Journal at the Society in the early 1940s, and recalled keeping watch at the building during the war. She later moved to Canada and contributed to the development of research in the Arctic, notably as editor of the journal Arctic and founder of a number of other publications.

Dr Jevan Pierres Berrangé (1931-2018)

Dr Jevan Pierres Berrangé was a Long Serving Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and a committee member of the RGS-IBG South West Region.

John Innes Clarke OBE (1929–2018)

John Clarke was awarded the Victoria Medal (1991) and served as Vice President of the RGS. He undertook work fundamental to population geography, and was involved in a number of organisations focusing on population.

Esmond Bradley Martin (1941–2018)

Esmond Bradley Martin was an American geographer who investigated illegal trade in rhino products and ivory. He was United Nations Special Envoy for Rhinos in 1992-1993, and a Chartered Geographer and Life Fellow of the Society.

Professor Geoffrey Petts (1953-2018)

Professor Geoffrey Petts made distinguished contributions to river science and served as Vice-Chancellor and Rector of the University of Westminster. He was recipient of the Society's Busk Medal.

Professor Harold Carter (1925-2017)

Professor Harold Carter was one of Britain's leading human geographers, and a former President of the Institute of British Geographers.

Mrs Susan Band (1936-2018)

Susan Band passed away on April 20, aged 81, after a period of ill health.

Professor Eric Brown (1922–2018)

Professor Eric Brown was a geomorphologist and established the Remote Sensing Unit of the University of London. He served as President of the IBG and both Honorary Secretary and Vice President of the RGS.

Anne Buttimer (1938–2017)

Professor Buttimer  was an RGS council member and received the Murchison Award (1997). She worked tirelessly to promote dialogue among scholars, planners and citizens around the world.

David Collins (1949–2016)

David Collins was a glaciologist awarded the Society’s Busk Medal (1998) for his study of mountain environments.

John James Reed (1924–2016)

John Reed was a teacher and headmaster, served in the meteorological branch of the Fleet Air Arm in World War Two, and was a Fellow of the Society for over 60 years.

Roy Millward (1917–2016)

Roy Millward was a member of Leicester University’s staff during its rise from college status after the war into a fully-independent degree-awarding institution.

Dr E.M. Bridges (1931–2016)

Dr Bridges was a specialist in the geography and genesis of soils, working as a soil surveyor, lecturer and research scientist.

Doreen Massey (1944–2016)

Doreen Massey was awarded the Society’s Victoria Medal in 1994. She was a geographer who produced influential work on notions of space, geography and politics.

Stanley Gregory (1926–2016)

Stan Gregory served as President of the Institute of British Geographers in the 1970s. He was a pioneering climatologist who promoted the use of quantitative methods in geography.

Dr Dibya Kishor Singh (1934–2017)

Dr Dibya Kishor Singh served as Professor in West Bengal, Saugor, Gauhati, and Utkal Universities from 1960-1996 with a particular focus on urban geography, regional planning, cartography, and quantitative methods.

Christine Kelly (1929–2016)

Christine Kelly was Archivist at the Royal Geographical Society and worked to modernise the Society's collections, including producing and publishing The Handlist of the Royal Geographical Society's Archives.

Professor Karl Butzer (1934-2016)

Professor Butzer received the Society’s Busk Medal (1979) and was a globally-recognised authority in geo-archaeology, cultural ecology and environmental history.

Dr Anita McConnell (1936–2016)

Dr Anita McConnell served on the RGS council, as Curator of the Science Museum, and as Research and Associate Editor of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

Michael John Wise CBE MC (1918–2015)

Courtesy of Michael Wise’s family

Professor Paul Brenikov (1921–2016)

Professor Paul Brenikov was a long-serving Fellow of the Society, and an experienced and influential town planner.

David Stoddart OBE (1937–2014)

David Stoddart received the Ness Award (1965) and the Founder’s Gold Medal (1979). He made significant contributions to methodology and philosophy in geography, and biogeography – in particular the study of coral reefs, wetlands and ocean basins.

Leila Ingrams (1940–2015)

Leila Ingrams was a Life Fellow of the Society, and worked to promote the culture and welfare of Yemeni people, and educate the public about Yemen.

Joyce Irene Magor (1933–2015)

Dr Magor was a world-renowned expert on the forecasting and management of migrant pests, and a long-serving Fellow of the Society,

Derek Robin Diamond (1933–2015)

Derek Diamond was president of the IBG in 1994. His research and work focused on the urban and regional dimensions of planning policy.

Charles Swithinbank (1926–2014)

Charles Swithinbank received the Society’s Patron’s Medal (1971) for glaciological research and exploration. He was a distinguished polar glaciologist for over six decades.

Professor Sir Peter Hall (1932–2014)

Sir Peter Hall received the Founder's Medal in 1988. He was Britain's leading post-war planning intellectual who conceived of many of the most influential recent planning ideas in the UK.

Professor William Richard Mead (1915-2014)

Bill Mead served as honorary secretary and vice-president of the RGS, and president of the IBG. He received the Gill Memorial Award (1951) and the Founder’s Medal (1980).

Kingsley Gregory (1934-2014)

Kingsley Gregory was a a Fellow of the Society since 1959, a teacher and life-long enthusiast of geographical and geological studies.

Professor Rob Potter (1950–2014)

Professor Potter served on several of the Society's committees, and was a leading academic in the areas of urban and development geographies.

Roger Frank Tomlinson OC (1933–2014)

Roger Tomlinson was a recipient of the Murchison Award, and a geographer acknowledged as the father of ‘Geographical Information Systems’ (GIS).

Peter Roberts Smith (1944–2013)

Peter Smith served as the RGS-IBG Vice President for Education.and was the National Advisor for geography and environmental education.

Sybil Sassoon (1932–2013)

Sybil Sassoon was one of the core National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS) volunteer team in the Foyle Reading Room, and a long-serving Fellow of the Society.

Mark Shand (1951–2014)

Mark Shand was a conservationist, prize-winning author, and co-founder and chairman of the conservation charity Elephant Family.

Professor Michael Clarke (1940–2014)

Mike Clarke received the Gill Memorial Award in 1983. He was Emeritus Professor at the University of Southampton, and co-founder and director of the GeoData Institute.

John Tyson OBE (1928–2014)

John Tyson received the Ness Award for his exploration and surveying of the Kanjirboa Himal region of West Nepal in the 1960s. He was a respected mountaineer and geography teacher.

David R. Harris (1930–2013)

David R. Harris was a geographer, anthropologist and archaeologist whose research focused on the origins of agriculture and the domestication of plants and animals.

R. Mansell Prothero (1924-2013)

Professor Mansell Prothero was a pioneering Africanist geographer, influential in population and medical geography. He received the Gill Memorial Award (1968).

Chris Meintjes (1950–2013)

Chris Meintjes was an author, lecturer, photographer and passionate traveller to wilderness areas.

Eric Wilson CBE (1933–2013)

Eric Wilson was an agricultural businessman, a trustee and supporter of agricultural charities, and Director of Development at The Royal (Dick) Veterinary College in Edinburgh.

Brian McDermott (1930–2013)

Brian McDermott served on the Society’s Council, and travelled extensively in the Kalahari Desert, Ethiopia’s Danakil territory, and Sudan's Nile Valley.

Hugh Counsell Prince (1927–2013)

Dr Hugh Prince was the founding editor of Area when it replaced the Newsletter of the Institute of British Geographers in 1969, and taught historical geography at University College London over the course of six decades.

Professor Keith Clayton CBE (1928–2013)

Professor Keith Clayton was President of the IBG in 1984, and established the School of Environmental Sciences at University of East Anglia (UEA).

Robert John Price (1936–2012)

Dr Robert Price was a geomorphologist, Editor of Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers (1970–4), and IBG council member.

George Melvyn Howe (1920–2012)

Professor George Howe was President of the IBG in 1985 and Chair in Geography at the University of Strathclyde.

George Lowe (1924 - 2013)

George Lowe was a key member and the last survivor of the 1953 British expedition that conquered Everest.

David Whitehouse (1941–2013)

David Whitehouse was an archaeologist who served as director of the British School in Rome and the Corning Museum of Glass in New York.

Arthur Bourne (1930–2013)

Arthur Bourne was a Long Serving Fellow and a member of RGS-supported expeditions in the 1950s.

Neil Robert Smith (1954–2012)

Professor Neil Smith was a geogrpaher and anthropologist well-known for his research on gentrification and wider geographies of capitalism.

Rear Admiral Steve Ritchie (1914–2012)

Rear Admiral George Stephen Ritchie was awarded the Founder's Medal (1972) for ‘hydrographical charting and oceanographical exploration’. He distinguished himself during the Second World War in the Surveying Service, and later become founding President of the Hydrographic Society.

Dr Tony French (1929–2012)

Dr Tony French served as Honorary Secretary of the RGS from 1986 to 1994, and was a leading British scholar of the geography of Russia.

Maryanne (née Bankes) Chandor (1934–2012)

Maryanne (née Bankes) Chandor was a Life Fellow of the Society and a former Managing Editor of The Geographical Journal.

Professor Bernie Smith (1951-2012)

Bernie was an active member of the Society, an expert on hot deserts and tropical landscapes, and Chair in Tropical Geomorphology at Queen’s University Belfast.

Sylvia Sikes (1925–2012)

Sylvia Sikes was a zoologist, author and authority on the African elephant, whose works included the comprehensive "The Natural History of the African Elephant" (1971).

Ronald John Davies (1931–2012)

Professor Ron Davies was an Honorary Corresponding Fellow of the Society. His research focused on the urban system of South Africa and the apartheid city.

George Band OBE (1929–2011)

George Band was a Life Fellow of the Society, and the youngest climber on the first successful ascent of Everest in 1953.

Michael Horatio Westmacott (1925–2012)

Michael Westmacott was part of the 1953 Everest expedition, pioneering the route through the Khumbu Icefall. He made first ascents in Peru, the Hindu Kush and northern Alaska, and was President of the Alpine Club and of the Climbers Club.

Michael Douglas Gwynne (1932–2012)

Michael Douglas Gwynne was was awarded the Patron's Medal (1972) for his benchmark research in Kenya, and later served as Director of UNEP's Global Environment Monitoring System.

Gaynor Asquith (1952–2011)

Gaynor Asquith was a housing specialist and conservationist, who co-founded Project African Wilderness to help restore Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve in Malawi.

Richard ('Dick') Lawton (1925–2010)

Richard ('Dick') Lawton was President of the IBG in 1986. He undertook research at the University of Liverpool  into nineteenth-century historical geography, modern population and urban planning.

Michel Peissel (1937–2011)

Michel Peissel travelled extensively throughout the Himalayan region, and documented the journey in books including "Tibet, the Secret Continent" (2003).

Basil Leonard Clyde Johnson (1919–2011)

Basil Johnson was an Life Fellow of the Society, and an academic and consultant focusing on South Asia. He also collected the Basil Johnson Photograph Collection at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

R.E.G. (‘Ron’) Davies (1921–2011)

Ron Davies devoted his life to the study of civil aviation, and served as Curator of the Department of Air Transport in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. from 1981 to 2011.

Emeritus Professor Kenneth Brailey Cumberland CBE (1913–2011)

Professor Cumberland was a central figure in New Zealand geography, and the first geographer to be elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Rex Ashley Walford OBE (1934–2011)

Rex Walford was a leading international name in geography education, and a long-serving Fellow who received the Back award in 1990 for his contribution to education.

John Sunley (1936-2011)

John Sunley was chairman of the Sunley Foundation, whose donation contributed to the Society's Unlocking the Archives project. The Sunley Room at the Society is named in recognition.

Professor Robert I. Woods (1949 - 2011)

Bob Woods was an eminent historical demographer, President of the British Society for Population Studies, and founding co-editor of the International Journal of Population Geography (now Population, Space and Place). He received the Murchison Award (1999).

John Heaney (1931–2010)

John Heaney was awarded the Patrick Ness Award (1956), and was an explorer and widely travelled oilman, who surveyed Gough Island.

Professor Karl A. Sinnhuber (1919–2010)

Professor Sinnhuber was an economic and political geographer who worked as Chair of Economic Geography in Vienna after academic posts in the UK. 

Professor Louis Rey (1931–2010)

Professor Rey was a Fellow of the Society and research scientist who worked at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and University of Dijon, as well as for UCLA and Nestle in various roles.

Dr Phillip Garth Law AC CBE (1912–2010)

Dr Law received the Founder's Medal (1960) for Antarctic exploration and research, undertaking 28 expeditions to the Antarctic and its islands.

Alf Gregory (1913–2010)

Alf (‘Greg’) Gregory was official stills photographer on the first successful ascent of Everest in 1953.

Professor Michael Williams (1935–2009)

Professor Williams served as editor of the Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers (1983–88), and as an academic specialised in historical geography and environmental history.

Professor James H Johnson (1930–2009)

Professor Johnson served as President of the IBG in 1990, and studied and taught on historical geography and population studies

Professor William Birch (1925–2009)

Professor Birch served as President and vice-president of the IBG. He was an economic geographer who headed departments in Toronto and Leeds, and was director of Bristol Polytechnic.

David Wright (1939–2009)

David Wright was a geographer and author, awarded the Ness Award for for the popularisation of geography among young people.

Dr Paul Mackintosh (1929–2010)

Dr Mackintosh was a rower and doctor, winning a silver medal at the 1948 London Olympics and participating in Antarctic survey missions.

Professor Gerald Manners OBE (1932–2009)

Gerald Manners was an academic, an adviser to government, and as chairman of a number of major charitable bodies.

Professor Tony Chandler (1928–2008)

Professor Chandler received the Back Award (1963), and undertook pioneering work in urban climatology, air pollution and regional climatology.

Professor John Barrie Thornes (1940–2008)

John Thornes served as President of the IBG (1992), and led EU projects on Mediterranean Desertification and Land Use.

Sir Edmund Hillary (1919–2008)

Sir Edmund Hillary was one of the first pair of people to reach the summit of Mount Everest. He was awarded the Patron's Medal (1958).

Professor Mark Blacksell (1942–2008)

Professor Blacksell served as Editor of Area, chaired the Geography and Planning Research Group, and was a member of the RGS‐IBG Council. He was a human geographer focusing on the geography of post‐war Europe.

Professor Mike Barnsley (1960–2007)

Professor Barnsley specialised in remote sensing, and was involved in the organisation of geography at Swansea University throughout his career.

Sir Wally Herbert (1934–2007)

Sir Walter Herbert received the Founders Medal (1970), and took part in numerous Antarctic and glacier expeditions, including sledging from Alaska to Spitsbergen.

Earl Jellicoe KBE DSO MC FRS (1918–2007)

Earl Jellicoe served as President of the RGS from 1993-1997, was a member of the House of Lords, and chaired a number of organisations.