Making an application for Chartered Geographer - introductory webinar

[Online] Chartered Geographer is the Society's professional accreditation for those using their geographical skills, knowledge and understanding in the workplace. Join this webinar to learn more about the benefits of becoming Chartered.

The age of geography - Nicholas Crane

[Online] On this beautiful orb, we have reached the point in our collective journey where geographical knowledge is the best guarantor of our future. Nicholas makes the case for the great age of geography.


The discovery of Antarctica and Antarctica today - David Vaughan, Jane Rumble and Camilla Nichol

[Online] Marking 200 years since the discovery of land in Antarctica the three speakers will consider Antarctica’s history and its unique status as a continent reserved for peace and science.


The geography behind digital world-building - Kate Edwards

[Online] After 25 years in the business, Kate explores how geographers are influencing the digital media industries - using their knowledge of cartography, cultural systems and environmental challenges, to build engaging digital worlds.

If at first you don’t succeed… Chris Speight

[Postponed] Join us in Kielder. With its lack of crowds, fresh countryside air, secluded waterside bays and huge tree-lined paths you really get the sense you’re the last person on Earth.

Subject knowledge update: weather and climate

[Online] Bridging the gap between understanding climate change and "extreme" weather using case studies, and exploring the theory of the atmosphere.

Wilding: the return of the British farm - Isabella Tree

[Online] Isabella tells the story of a daring rewilding experiment at Knepp Estate in West Sussex, showing how a wilder countryside can benefit farming, nature and us.


'FT for schools' online talk and workshop for teachers

[Online] The Society and the Financial Times are offering geography teachers the opportunity to find out more about the FT for schools programme.

5G and utilities - Xavi Nunez and Richard Woodling

The evening will comprise presentations from Xavi Nunez (BCP Council) and Richard Woodling (Ordnance Survey) on mapping developments in support of infrastructure planning for digital connectivity including 5G.

Exploring and understanding glacial environments and glaciated landscapes

[Online] This session will provide an introduction to glaciers, their formation and their connection to climate via the key concept of mass balance. This session is designed primarily to support those teaching the glaciated landscapes option of the A Level 'landscape systems' unit.

Stop talking about migration and start discussing inequality - Professor Heaven Crawley

[Online] The Director of the world’s largest migration research project argues that inequality should be central to our thinking about migration and how inequality is an important analytical tool for understanding migration processes and outcomes.


Deglobalisation – what’s happening to global systems?

[Online] How far is the ‘golden age’ of globalisation over? This session explores the resilience of global systems to a series of global shocks including the Covid-19 pandemic, the global financial crisis and Brexit.

Using spreadsheets for geographical data

[Online] This online workshop will focus on how spreadsheets can be used to manage the different types of data that students will typically work with in fieldwork. It will be relevant for teachers of GCSE and A Level geography.

Natural hazards

[Online] Join us to learn more about geohazards, with a particular focus on tectonic hazards. The workshop will be led by Dr Matthew Blackett from Coventry University. 

A new Arctic in the making - Professor Klaus Dodds

[Online] The Arctic is changing. But how and where is it changing, and why does it matter to those who call it home and those who don’t?

Spectre expedition: film screening and Q&A with Leo Houlding and Sir Chris Bonington

[Online] Unsupported, using snow-kites to travel great distance, with massive loads at speeds up to 60 kmph, this film shows the epic tale of Leo Houlding, Jean Burgun and Mark Sedon's daring dream to reach the summit of the most remote mountain on Earth: the Spectre. Followed by Q&A  with world-renowned climber Leo Houlding and Sir Chris Bonington. 


GCSE Human landscapes

[Online] This session will focus upon GCSE content for teaching about changing UK human landscapes, including urban and UK economic change. This is core to all GCSE Geography specifications.

Making an application for Chartered Geographer - introductory webinar

[Online] Chartered Geographer is the Society's professional accreditation for those using their geographical skills, knowledge and understanding in the workplace. Join this webinar to learn more about the benefits of becoming Chartered.

Mountain pressure: Snowdonia's cultural landscape at a crossroads - John Harold

[Online] In this talk, Director of the Snowdonia Society, John Harold, turns over some fragments in search of Snowdonia’s various pasts and futures as a cultural landscape, as wildland, and as a people's playground.

TeachChat: Working towards accreditation

[Online] Want to find out more about the Society’s accreditation for geography teaching professionals, Chartered Geographer (Teacher)?

Back to the Titanic screening with Q&A

[Online] This acclaimed National Geographic documentary follows the first manned expedition to RMS Titanic in nearly 15 years and captures the wreck for the first time in stunning 4K. 

Caol waters rising - Chris Speight

[Online] Join Chris Speight for this virtual walk around Fort William. Locks, lochs, glens and Bens - this virtual walk has it all.

Out of the woods - Luke Turner

[Online] A panel including the author himself will gather to share their thoughts on Out of the Woods, a critically-acclaimed piece of memoir and nature-writing. 

Online conference - Fieldwork and Independent Investigation with ArcGIS Online

[Online] This online conference will focus on the use of ArcGIS for fieldwork and the A Level Independent Investigation. It is run in partnership with Esri UK and will be led by their education team.

First Descent - Dr Lucy Woodall, Sheena Talma and Oliver Steeds

[Online] The Nekton team reveal the discoveries from ‘First Descent: Seychelles’ in their bid to help conserve 30% of their vast ocean territory.

Digimap for Schools for Primary Geography

[Online] This online event will focus on introducing Digimap for Schools and how it can be used across the primary curriculum. 

What makes a 'successful rural community'? - David Jackman

[Online] This presentation will be followed by an interactive discussion, part of a BSI study into how communities can be strengthened or re-built.

Technical fieldwork including sampling, sample size and using social media

[Online] Explore the technical aspects of pilot surveys, sample size, reliability and accuracy in this online fieldwork masterclass. Examples will be drawn from both physical and human geography contexts.