One man’s climb: a journey of trauma, tragedy and triumph on K2 - Adrian Hayes

Record-breaking adventurer, author and speaker, Adrian Hayes, presents the story of his attempts to climb the world’s notorious second highest mountain, and the book that arose from his journey.

Why geography is crucial to understanding the sinking of the Mary Rose in 1545 - Dr Dominic Fontana

This talk explains how and why local geographical factors were crucial in influencing a battle which determined the fate of the English crown and the subsequent history of the nation.

Members' and Fellows' show and tell

An evening of ten minute presentations, comprising maximum of 12 images, on specialist subjects or places visited near and far.

Next generation utilities - Adrian Hale and Richard Woodling

The evening will comprise presentations from Adrian Hale (Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council) and Richard Woodling (Ordnance Survey) on mapping developments in support of infrastructure planning for 5G connectivity.

Sun, sand and survival - Kit Maxwell

[Cancelled] Join veteran desert explorer Kit Constable Maxwell for an adventure across the Algerian desert, meeting the fascinating Touareg people in their home region.

Negative emissions: removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere - Professor Rachael James

[Cancelled] Paris Agreement goals cannot be achieved without active removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This talk presents some of the new technologies that are emerging for carbon dioxide removal.