Kingsweston and Blaise Castle Estates - Professor Kathryn Monk

Professor Monk will give a short presentation about the estate of Grade I listed Kingsweston House and then will continue onward to Repton's 18th century landscaped Blaise Estate, SSSI and Roman road.

Iran - Ian Gilchrist

In this talk, Ian Gilchrist reflects on the time he spent in Iran from 1976 to 1979 and again in 2019, and offers observations on what has changed and what has not.

Tavistock World Heritage Site: copper, cottages and canal - Andrew Thompson

After a talk on Tavistock World Heritage Site, Andrew will lead a walk around Tavistock, including to the canal and the Bedford Cottages.

HMS Endurance in Antarctica - Rear Admiral Nick Lambert

[Cancelled] Nick takes a trip down memory lane with some reflections on the vitality of the marine environment.


Biogeomorphology of wetlands in the drylands of southern Africa - Professor Michael Grenfell

[Online] Biota in the seasonal wetlands of southern Africa have developed adaptations to the cyclicity of constraint and opportunity. In this talk, we’ll explore patterns of ‘bumpy’ relief moderated by these biota that are  fundamentally important to understanding water and particulate distributions, biogeochemical cycling, and ecosystem structure and function at landscape scale.

Around the world with Nellie Bly - Rosemary Brown

[Online] Back in 1890, trailblazer Nellie Bly circled the globe faster than anyone ever had - in 72 days. 125 years later Rosemary followed in her global footsteps and has now written her biography.

Scrambles amongst the Alps: mountaineering in the 18th and 19th centuries - Andrew Thompson

[Cancelled] Why did people in the 18th and 19th centuries become fascinated by high mountains which had previously been regarded as desolate wastelands? What drove them, and especially the English, to risk their lives on perilous first ascents of unclimbed summits?

Disaster Relief: SARAID experiences from Haiti to Beirut - Rob Davis

[Online] Rob will talk on his work with SARAID, a British search and rescue charity, which responds to both national and international major incidents.

COVID-19 and the geography of disease dynamics - Professor Andy Tatem

[Online] Pandemics are nothing new for humanity. What is new however, is the speed by which local outbreaks can reach all parts of the planet. Professor Tatem will highlight the importance of geography in understanding disease spread, designing elimination strategies and planning for the next pandemic.

Project UKFall: Retrieving meteorites and why it's important - Dr Luke Daly

[Online] Discover how projects like UKFall are tracking fireballs to recover meteorites, providing new insights into our solar system's history.

St Ives: the artists, the fisherfolk and the fishing industry - David Tovey

[Online] In this talk, David will discuss the transition of St Ives, a failing industrial town, into a prime tourist destination, facilitated by the arrival of the artists, the railway and the fishermen.