Project Zulu: music and dance from South Africa - Andrew Newton and Paul Bradshaw

An evening of entertainment for the whole family featuring performances of music and traditional dance by the children of Project Zulu. Joint event with Project Zulu.

Adventuring off the beaten track: Jacki Hill-Murphy

Jacki follows in the footsteps of early women explorers, to remote places covering the length of the Amazon River, across Siberia, up Mount Cameroon and into Northern Ladakh. 

One Man and a Mule - Hugh Thomson

Hugh Thomson takes his mule Jethro along the coast-to-coast route from the Lake District to the Yorkshire Moors for what he calls ‘a South American adventure in England.’ 

Taiwan: Discovering Places

With a dazzling display of spring cherry blossoms, some of the best food in Asia and its lush mountainous island setting, Taiwan is Asia’s best-kept secret.

Living dangerously - Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Join Himalayan Trust UK to listen to Sir Ranulph Fiennes, The World Greatest Living Explorer as well as learning about the Trust’s valuable work in Nepal. 

One Man and a Mule

Hugh Thomson is on a speaking tour of the UK as part of the Society’s Regional Theatres Programme