Africa's forgotten frontiers: the Sahel - Reza Pakravan

Taking the audience on a breathtaking journey across the continent, filmmaker Reza Pakravan will share stories of the tense frontiers, enduring traditions and ordinary people living where climate change has hit hardest: the Sahel.

'Christmas Island' and 'Motivations for travel' - Matthew Marriott and Chris Chambers

Matthew Marriott and Chris Chambers, in these two talks, find out how Christmas Island is the location of one of the world’s great natural wonders, and explore our urge to travel just about anywhere. 

Polar exposure: the women's Euro-Arabian North Pole expedition - Felicity Aston

Facing extreme temperatures, a constantly shifting landscape and the threat from predatory polar bears, polar scientist turned explorer, Felicity Aston and a team of ten novices from across Europe and the Middle East skied across the frozen Arctic Ocean to the North Pole.

Microplastics in aquatic ecosystems: how can we mitigate them? Serena Cunsolo

From land to oceans – how do microplastics make their way to the aquatic ecosystems and how can we mitigate them?