Other events you may be interested in

The Flipflopi expedition and the plastic revolution - Ben Morrison

A talk about a boat, brightly coloured and made entirely out of plastic, collected from Kenyan beaches, taking the message of a plastic revolution from Africa to the rest of the world.

Digital geographies - Professor Mark Graham

Far from being a space de-tethered from the material world, the Internet has a real-world geography. Mark explores why digital geographies matter, and how we can build more equitable digital futures.

One day as a tiger - John Porter

John Porter discusses his revelatory and poignant award-winning memoir of his friend and mountaineer Alex MacIntyre.

Our Planet: in the hands of young people - Matt Larsen-Daw

Drawing on the WWF/Netflix Our Planet Series, Matt Larsen-Daw considers what we can all do as we navigate the path ahead.