Other events you may be interested in

Clough Head and Wainwright - Tim Foster

An ascent and circuit of Clough Head with reference to Alfred Wainwright.

A land-sea expedition to the remote fjords of Chile - Dr Rachel Smedley

Join Dr Rachel Smedley as she talks about this 2-week land-sea expedition around the remote fjords of South West Chile.


The Flipflopi expedition and the plastic revolution - Ben Morrison

A talk about a boat, brightly coloured and made entirely out of plastic, collected from Kenyan beaches, taking the message of a plastic revolution from Africa to the rest of the world.

Tall oaks from little acorns grow… - Dr Andrew Hacket-Pain

This talk focuses on recent work on the dynamics of “masting”. This is a fascinating reproductive strategy found in many perennial plants, in which plants switch between years of bumper and lean seed crops, rather than producing seeds and fruits regularly every year.