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Land-use in the uplands: the case for change

[In-person] A panel of experts will discuss why changes in land use are necessary in Nidderdale and the uplands of Britain.

Elephants, camels, and environmental peacebuilding in Kenya - Dr Charis Enns

[Online] A lecture on Dr Enns' research on environmental peace and conflict in East Africa, working with youth researchers in northern Kenya.

Can a small charity make a big difference? Team Kenya's approach to supporting Sustainable Development Goals in practice - Lynda Evans

[Online] The talk will highlight small charities working in international development to support the Sustainable Development Goals, in areas such as girl's education, women's economic empowerment, food security and advocacy for safe communities.

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Directing economic growth: a mission-oriented approach - Professor Mariana Mazzucato

[Postponed] This lecture will make the case for rethinking the role of government in the economy, drawing on Professor Mazzucato's recent, widely acclaimed book.

Maths for teachers of A Level geography: analysing, contextualising and processing geographical data

[Online] Join us for our free, online sessions for geography teachers who wish to build their confidence in teaching the mathematical content of A Level geography.

I belong here: a journey along the backbone of Britain - Anita Sethi

[Online and in-person] In this lecture Anita Sethi, author of the acclaimed book I Belong Here: a Journey Along the Backbone of Britain explores nature, wildness, walking and what it means to belong.

Electric Dreams? The role of transport electrification in delivering a low carbon society

[Online] Focusing on road transport, this talk will consider the potential reductions in carbon emissions associated with a mass transition to electric vehicles and its emerging challenges.