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The Polar Adventures of a Rich American Dame - Joanna Kafarowski

[Online] A discussion with the writer Joanna Kafarowski about her book, The Polar Adventures of a Rich American Dame. A Life of Louise Arner Boyd.

Off-site safety management course

[In-person] A must for those involved in planned visits in the UK or overseas, this course looks at the safety management issues involved in planning, managing and evaluating local visits, fieldtrips, residentials and exchanges.

The Sami people and natural history of Lapland - Kevin Hand

[In-person] The East of England regional committee's end of term and Christmas gathering is a wildlife and natural history study of the Sami people in the Arctic Circle. 

Case study update: River Exe, Devon and Germany’s 2021 floods

[Online] Join us for a case study update with Anya Starling, looking at two fluvial case studies: The River Exe and Germany’s 2021 floods.