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We’re Good to Go

Learn how we are keeping staff and visitors safe at the Society.

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Directing economic growth: a mission-oriented approach - Professor Mariana Mazzucato

[Postponed] This lecture will make the case for rethinking the role of government in the economy, drawing on Professor Mazzucato's recent, widely acclaimed book.

Working with the world: the British Museum in the 21st century - Dr Hartwig Fischer

[Online and in-person] Hartwig Fischer discusses how the Museum collaborates with a network of individuals, institutions and communities across the globe to share their stories both at the Museum and with the world.

Explore 2021: the expedition and fieldwork weekend

[Online and in-person] Join Explore - Society's annual gathering of field researchers and explorers, with lectures, workshops and exhibits, providing inspiration, contacts and practical advice.

Departures - Alasdair MacLeod

[In-person] An evening illustrating the preparation, planning and moment of departure for a range of historic expeditions linked to the Society’s historic Collections.