Featured image: John B. Noel

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Can veganism help save the planet? - Dr Richard White

[Online] Tea-time hot topics series. Anarchist geographer Richard White provides an introductory discussion of an issue central to ecological ethics.

Explaining COP26: the debrief from the climate conference - Asher Minns

[In-person] Asher Minns, a climate communicator from the Tyndall Centre, will enlighten us on the outcomes of COP26, and some possibilities and implications for our region. 

Far from land: our knowledge of what seabirds do at sea - Dr Michael Brooke

[In-person] Michael Brooke, curator of Ornithology at Cambridge University's Museum of Zoology, will discuss geographical movements and activities of seabirds when they are out of sight and beyond the horizon of the land-bound observer.

Shadowing Miss Grimshaw: from Ireland to Papua New Guinea - Diana Gleadhill

[In-person] Born in 1870, the remarkable Beatrice Grimshaw is followed across the world by author Diana Gleadhill.