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The Falkland Islands and 40 years of progress: environment and science

[In-person] Learn more about the Falklands and what we are doing to protect our environment, fight climate change, drive scientific research, act as a gateway to Antarctica and promote the UK’s values and interests in the South Atlantic.

Navigating our way towards a plastic-free ocean – Sally Earthrowl

[In-person] Living in Indonesia, Sally saw first-hand the devastating impact of plastic pollution and was propelled to take action. Sally will share her tales of discovery, from scientific research at sea to the upstream solutions on land, and how all of us have a part to play in tackling this global issue.

Afon Dyfrdwy to River Dee: source to sea - Jim Holmes

[In-person] This presentation explores the rich history of the River Dee, its current importance and its diverse natural environments which require ongoing support.


Dinosaur hunting in the 21st century - Phil Manning

[In-person] In the last decade, technology has revolutionised the centuries old study of dinosaurs. Professor Manning explores sites around the world where new techniques are revealing traces of life from the sands of time.