Featured image: James Eades/Unsplash

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The Phoenicians in the Americas before Columbus - Philip Beale

[In-person and online] A journey, after 15 years of planning, to prove that the Phoenicians could have reached the Americas 2,000 years before Columbus

Devon's Antarctic connections - Paul Davies

[In-person] This illustrated talk will cover Devon's links to the heroic age of Antarctic exploration drawing on new research on Scott's and Shackleton's expeditions.

Ancestral voices: past and present

[In-person and online] Jevan Berrange Memorial Seminar: Four experts will be talking about the Ancestral voices project. 


Navigating our way towards a plastic-free ocean – Sally Earthrowl

[In-person] Living in Indonesia, Sally saw first-hand the devastating impact of plastic pollution and was propelled to take action. Sally will share her tales of discovery, from scientific research at sea to the upstream solutions on land, and how all of us have a part to play in tackling this global issue.